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Nov 24, 2010

Singarkudi / Singirikudi / Abishegapakkam Narasimhar

Singarkudi / Singirikudi Narasimhar with 16 hands

This is a Nrusimha Khsetra, situated about 3kms west of Abhishekapakkam road junction of Pondicherry--Cuddalore Road.

This holy place is at a distance of about 15 kms from Pondicherry.

This temple dedicated to Sri Nrusimha belong to Chola period,identified as AYIRRUR of ALWAR of Singavezhkundram(1051 A.D.)

There were stone inscriptions in the temple which describe the donations offered by Chola Kings , Sri Krishnadevaraya etc to Sri Nrusimha.

Sri Nrusimha is giving dharsan with 16 hands( thirukkarams )in a gigantic posture.
You could see Neelavathi, wife of Hiranyakasibu, threeASuras, Prahladha , Sukracharya, Vasishta in the lower east of the pedastal.
Sri Devanathan , the presiding deity of Thiruvaheendrapuram is giving dharsan here as Sri Nrusimha.

Sri Thirumangai Azhvar says that SRi Nrusimha is there at Thiruvaheendrapuram as Sri Devanatha.
Markandeya purana describes this holy Khsetra in Nrusimha vana purana.
There is Brindavan for 4th Peedathipathi of Sri Ahobila Mutt here

Thoroughout the cosmic world , you cannot worship such a gigantic Nrusimha except here .

This temple was constructed with reference to BHeejatshara of Sri Nrusimha Anushtup Manthra .
Vaikanasa agama koil. Ten days Brahmotsava during Sri Nrusimha Jayanthi. Uthsavar goes to Pondicherry sea-shore during Masi Makam ( Theerthavari at the ocean)

Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan

This is one of the 8 temples in Tamil Nadu, where Lord Narasimha provided darshan after the killing of Hiranya. 
1) Singarakudi near Pondicherry/Cuddalore
2) Anthili near Thiru Kovilur
3) Parikkal near Kedilam, 
4) Sholingur
5) Nammakkal
6) Singaraperumal Koil near Chengalpet 
7) Sinthalavadi.
8) Poovarasan kuppam


  1. Many thanks Murpriya, one more temple is there in Thiruvallur district, exactly in narasinghapuram. If you want i can send you some photos and history of the temple. My email id is

  2. Thanks a lot. Please do send email to


  3. Excellent writeup. I had the opportunity to visit the temple Ystradgynlais and it was a wonderful sight to see lord narasimha. With your permission I am paying the photo of the Lord on my Facebook page where I have written a small information para about this temple so that many people can know and visit this place...... Thanks.... Srinivasan iyengar

  4. Naamakkal and Madurai also got narasimmar temple.In naamakkal you can see blood stain in the hands.