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Sep 8, 2010

Namakkal Narasimhar

Namagiri NarasimhaSwamy

Lord Lakshminarashimha is sitting inside the Cave temple of Saligrama hill on a Rathna Simhasanam (Golden chair with all precious gems) in Veerasa posture facing west direction. Veerasana is one of the Yoga posture, in which body remains stiff and straight and mind remains strong and brave. Lord Lakshminarashimha facing west direction considered as one of the special feature of this temple, which will give devotes immense courage and power.

He is decorated with Karanda Maghudam (Special design of Golden crown), golden earrings, and wildflower garland and sandal paste on his body. He is having four hands with Prayoga Chakram on his top right hand (Chakram which is ready to use) and Pancha Sanyam on top left hand (white conch). His down right hands is with Aahwana Muthra, like inviting devotees with assurance and kept his down left hand on his left Knees. Goddess Mahalskhmi resides on his right chest (Sreevatsa Lakshmi).

He is wearing Saligrama Haram with 108 saligramams and having Velli Pirambhu (Silver stick) which is used to punish demons, nullify the evils sprit and clear black magic.

நாமக்கல் நரசிம்ஹர்
God is sitting hear after the Hiranya Samharam, but with the same angriness and rude eyes. His golden eyes and brave structure in a dark cave with the lights of ghee lamp might fearsome everybody at the first sight.

God Lakshminarashimha is surrounded by Sanakan, Sanathanan, Suryan, Chandran, Bramha and Siva. Sanakan and Sanathanan (sons of Bramha) is always conveying the happenings in the world in a secrete manner. Suryan and Chandran is always doing Chamara Samarpanai (fanning) to reduce his angriness. Lord Bramha and Siva came down to Namakkal as Devotees to have Dharsan of Lord Lakshminarashimha.

Because of Hiranya samharam, (killed King Hiranya with Gods’ nails), there are some BLOOD STAINS on his right hand palms, which is believed to be the blood of King Hiranya. This is very rare to have a Dharsan of this blood stains on Lord Narashimha hands.

This is one of the special temple with the merit of Thirumurthy Sthalam, in which Lord Bramha, Siva and Vishnu resides in the same temple and situated in the same golden chair.

This Cave temple is one of the best example of the architecture and sculpture intelligence of Pallava’s Kingdom. This cave is really big in size and designed by craving as roof, floor and pillars.

Details about Namakkal

Namakkal is a historic town dating back to at least the 9th century. The name Namakkal derives from Namagiri, which is the name of the single rock formation at the center of the town. The rock is enormous - 65 meters high and more than a kilometer in circumference. Over this massive rock is a fort. It is called Tippu Sultan's fort. The Hindu sculptures in front of the gate and the Hindu temple inside, leads the main controversy whether it was actually built by Tippu Sultan.

Namakkal is located at 11.23° N 78.17° E.[3] It has an average elevation of 218 metres (715 feet). It is close to Kolli Hills (Tamil:Kollimalai)- which is part of the Eastern Ghats (Tamil:Kizaku thodarchi malai). The closest river is Kaveri. The city is approximately 380 km southwest of Chennai, 250 km south of Bangalore, 175 km southeast of Coimbatore, 85 km northwest of Tiruchirapalli (Trichy), and 57 km south of Salem. Its landscape is such that it would not be affected by floods.

Details about Namakkal

Places near Namakkal

• Namakkal Anjayneyar temple

Kolli Hills is the most attractive destination in the district of Namakkal. It is accessible by road, and buses are available to Kolli Hills from Namakkal and Salem, via Vettambadi. Various attractions in Kolli Hills include the Agaya Gangai (Ganges of the Sky) waterfalls, Pineapple plantation, Arapaleeswarar temple, and various scenic drives and hikes. The Agaya Gangai waterfalls is accessible on foot by a 1 hour hike on well-paved steps, and is of moderate difficulty. Kolli Hills is also famous for its Jackfruit, various varieties of Pineapple, the small mountain bananas and wild honey. A few well furnished hotels are available on Kolli Hills.

• Rockfort:- The most popular attractions within the city of Namakkal are the Rockfort (Malai kottai), and the temples surrounding it. The Rockfort takes about 30 minutes to hike to the top, and is of mild to moderate difficulty. It is a monolith about 65 metres in height, with the ruins of an ancient fort on top, spanning a few acres. It is recommended to hike in the evenings, or early in the mornings, during daylight. It can get extremely hot during the summer days, so avoid these times, or carry enough water and wear a hat. No amenities are available at the top, and please verify with the locals if it is safe to hike alone, as it used to be the hangout for monkeys, and some vandals. It is recommended that you hike with company.

• Koolippatti Murugan Temple is located in a small hill, which is 3 km from Namakkal on the way to Thuraiyur. It is one of the temples the saint Kirupanandha Variyar used to visit regularly.

Ranganatha Temple
To the East of the hill and behind the Narasimha Temple is the Ranganatha temple, where Lord Ranganatha is seen in a special Karkodaga Sayana Posture with his head resting South and his feet directed towards the North.

King of Snakes ‘Karkodagan’ undertook penance here and requested the Lord to rest on him. Hence, the posture here of Lord Ranganatha is referred to as Karkodaga Sayanam. While he is seen sleeping on top of the Snake, a unique feature here is that the face of the Snake Karkodagan is that of a roaring lion.

There are three entrances to the Ranganatha temple. The entrance in the middle is the one that is opened every day, while the other two entrances are opened only on Vaikunta Ekadesi day. One has to climb 100 steps to reach the sannidhi.

Thaligai for Lord Narasimha

On the occasion of his Thiru Kalyanam, Devas wanted to feed Thirupathi Srinivasa, who referring to this place as ‘Mel’ Ahobilam, asked them to feed the Lord here. Hence, presenting Thaligai to Lord Narasimha here is very special and is equivalent to feeding Thirupathi Lord Srinivasa.

On Pradhosham, presenting Thaligai and Paanagam (sweet drink made with jagerry) will liberate one from all troubles.

Panguni Brahmotsavam
Vaikasi Narasimha Jayanthi
Aadi Pooram- Thaayar Utsavam
Aavani Krishna Jayanthi
Pournami Pavitrotsavam

The four Saturdays of Puratasi are special at this temple

Quick Facts
Narasimha West Facing Sitting Posture
Ranganatha Karkodaga Sayanam
Anjaneya East Facing Standing Posture
Thaayar : Naama Giri Thaayar East Facing

Temple Time: 730am-1pm, 430pm-830pm
Contact phone number: V. Raja Bhattar @ 94437 23073

How to reach Namakkal

Chennai-Salem Yercaud Express(Salem arrival 5am) or Chennai Egmore-Salem Express (Salem arrival 6am)
Direct Trains also from Coimbatore and Bangalore to Salem
From Salem, one can take a one hour bus trip to Namakkal
Buses every 5minutes from Salem

By bus, Namakkal is about 7hours from Madras.


  1. Try to avoid , giving Moolavar photos in this forum. The second one , made me confess almost. It is profess. Profuse the Idea. Sacred the value.

  2. Nothing wrong in adding Moolavar Photos.The divine body of the Lord is for the devotees to see,cherish and pray and enjoy.