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Nov 23, 2010

Singaperumal Kovil / Padaladri Narasimhar

Padaladri Narasimha Swami/Singa perumal Kovil Narasimhar
5 quick facts about Singaperumal Kovil

1) 1500 year old pallava temple

2) 8 ft huge narasimhar in "ugra" form. Lord Narasimhar is a part of small hillock (200-300m high), due to which girivalam is famous here.

3) Thayar Ahobilavalli thayar.

4) According to "Brahmanda Puranam" the temple was surrounded by a big forest where Sage Jabali was doing penance praying for lord appearance. Singaperumal appeared before sage jabali as Ugra Narasimhar with four hands.
The Lord even now gives darshan to the devotees in the same form with four hands,
two of them holding Sudarsana and Panchajanya and the third in "Abaya Hastha" pose with the fourth pointing towards the earth. Found in sitting posture.

5) the Lord has three eyes, (Thrinetram like Sivaperuman) and wears the Salagrama and Sahasranama garlands.
it is believed that if one gets the darshan of the Third Eye, all misery in life would be removed.
Temple priest will show us third eye during arathi by lifting the thirunamam.

Singaperumal Kovil Amirthavalli Thayar

Singaperumal Kovil Hillock which has Padaladri Narasimhar

Singaperumaz kovil temple Timings:Morning :7:00a.m. to 12 Noon &
Evening: 4:00p.m till 08:30P.m

Singaperumal Kovil Temple Contact
V. Gopalakrishna Bhattar 93801 14686 / 044 2746 4441

Singaperumal Kovil Location
45 km to the south of Chennai close to Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram District, Tamilnadu. (NH 4)


  1. Excellent information;with devotion.Does give a great yearning to the person viewing it to visit this temple.

  2. Sri singa Purumal is Kaliyuga Maha vishnu. One has to have darshan of this temple. I with my family members visited the temple during December 2017 and still I remember the auspicious vigraha idol of lord Perumal. Astonishing ...... Narendra Babu Kothagudem Bhadradri Kothagudem Telangana State.

  3. How many steps do we have to climb ? Nowadays many people are suffering from knee problem. Hence, if we know how many steps are there to climb we can decide on going.

    1. Only few steps are there.. Narasimha is located in the ground level and after to go a round of this temple you have few steps to come around.. Old people also can do.

    2. You can dharshan Narasimha at the ground level itself and after to walk around the temple (mountain view) you need use these steps. Surely old people can complete in ten mins.

  4. Mangalam Sthamba Dhimbaaya
    Mangalam Mrithyu Mrithyuvae
    Mangalam Roudhra Roopaaya
    Nrusimhaaya Mangalam

    - Sri Ahobilavalli Thayar Samedha Sri Padalathri Nrusimha Swamy Parabrahmane Namaha