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May 20, 2018

Perumal Avirbhavam during Sri Swami's Swati Yagnam

Taken from Narahari Hrudayam

The following mosaic shows how HE manifested HIMSELF in the hOma kundam in some yag~nams.

In Clockwise sequence:-

  • Avirbhavam in the Homa Kundam after the Poornahuthi bundle was offered at Sri Sundar Rangachar's residence. One can notice the two eyes, long nose and Dhamshtra karalam of the LORD

  • The poornahuthi bundle offered in the Homa Kundam at Sri Saranathan's house had taken the shape of an elephant, with Lord and Consort seated on top. The photo shows the side view.

  • Mattapally Emberuman's Avirbhavam in a VIRATTI during the Yag~nam at Sri Saranathan's house. Notice the flowers have not wilted even a bit inspite of being close to the Agni.

  • Mattapally Emberuman's Avirbhavam in the Pradhana Homa kundam at Nangainallur Yag~nam. One can notice the large eyes and the Deerga naasikai.

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