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Jan 24, 2017

Purusha Suktam Word by word Meaning / Mp3 / Video

Purusha sUktam is studied in all the four vedAs and is recognized as the sAram of all Srutis.

Purusha sUktam is found in the ancient Rg Vedam (10.90) with sixteen mantrams. Next follows, Sukla Yajur Veda Vaajasaneya samhitai (31.1.16).
In KrshNa Yajur Vedam’s taittirIya ArANyakam we come across it in 3.12‐13. In sAma Vedam, it is at 4.3 and in the atharvaNa Vedam, we find it at 19.6.3.

 1.  Purusha Suktam mp3 

Click below links to Download Purusha Suktam in mp3 format Sung by Challekare Brother & Malola Kannan

2.  Purusha Suktam with meaning Video 

Click this link for :-

3.  Purusha Suktam PDF (Tamil) for Print out

4.  Purusha Suktam PDF (Telugu) for Print out

5.  Purusha Suktam PDF (Devanaagarii) for Print out

6.  Purusha Suktam PDF (in English with meaning) for Print out

7.  Purusha Suktam PDF (in English word by word meaning) for Print out

8.  Purusha Suktam with detailed word by meaning 

9.  Purusha Suktam with Tamil Lyrics to chant along

10.  Painting - Virat Swarupam 

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Sarvam Sri Lakshmi Narasimharpanam

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