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Jan 24, 2017

Perumal Avirbhavam during Sri Swami's Swati Yag~nam

Mattapally PerumaL Lord Lakshmi Narasimhan reveals HIMSELF invariably in every yag~nam that Sri Swami performs. It would either be a direct manifestation on Sri Swami or an appearance in the Homa Kundam.

During PerumaL's Avirbhavam on Sri Swamy, HE starts speaking in KIRVANI i.e. SANSKRIT. The MANIFESTATION lasts for several hours. THE LORD OF MATTAPALLY usually allots time for PRASHNOTHARAM ( Question Hour ). During this time THE LORD would answer the queries of the Devotees.

When the AVIRBHAVAM of THE LORD takes place during HOMAM, HE puts the havis on HIMSELF and also in all directions thereby blessing the devotees around.

(From Narahari Hrudayam)

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