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Nov 8, 2013

How Srimath Bhagavad Gita Removes Stress

Loved listening to this upanyasam. heard it twice. 

For long time, i have been looking for "Sri Bhagavad GitA BhAshyam" CD by "Sri U Ve Thirukkallam Narasimha Raghavachariariar Swamy".  

Sri U Ve Thirukkallam Narasimha Raghavachariariar Swamy is the father-in-law of Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariyar swami.  

In one of Sri Mukkur Swamigal upanyasam, he mentioned the greatness of his father-in-law.  I loved the way, he mentioned him as "mamanar swami". 

If someone has that CD, please let me know.


  1. adiyen.sribashyam 1st adyayam and bhagavad gita bhasyam cds of thirukkallam swami is available at narasimhapriya office at mylapore .you can buy from there . adiyen

  2. Namaskaram swami. Thank you very much.
    Few years back I bought "bhagavad gita bhasyam cds of thirukkallam swam". Its a very rare treasure. Every one must have it. and we should listen to it many times. Thirukallam Swami is God sent gift for us to understand Sri Bagavath Gita.

    Please let us know what other CDs of Thirukallam Swami available in Narasimha Priya office.

    With Acharyars blessings, i wish to get sribashyam 1st adyayam CD also.