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Aug 21, 2012

Rahasyam (secret) Behind the Swati yag~nam as revealed by Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariyar Swamy himself

Panaka Narasimha Mangalagiri
When Sri Mukkur Swamy was residing at Vijayawada, at a time when he was not financially well off, he had a dream in the early morning one day, when his father late Sri U Ve Srinivasachariyar Swamy (who had attained Acharyan Thiruvadi sixteen years earlier) beckoned Sri Swamy " SIla" (pet name of Swamy) directing him to follow him. When Swamy followed his father towards the foot of a big hill , he was pleasantly surprised to see the serene and benevolent rUpam of HH Injimettu Srimad Azagiya Singar (42nd Jeer of Sri Ahobhila Math) with the Trithandam and Abhaya Muthirai. Sri Swamy followed them into the Garbagraha and saw the image of LORD LAKSHMI NARASIMHA's face partaking the PANAKAM. Sri Swamy woke up suddenly from the sleep. He realised that the LORD in the dream was none other than the LASKHMI NARASIMHA at MANGALAGIRI. Subsequently, he started visiting the temple daily to offer Panakam. Since he could not afford the 25 paise bus charge, he used to walk from Vijayawada to Mangalagiri, a distance of more than 12 kms.

Narasimha yajna murthy

On a NRISIMHA JAYANTHI day when Sri Swamy was returning with the PANAKAM, a very old SRI VAISHNAVA with URDHVA PUNDRAM and a small stick in his hand, sought the PANAKAM to quench his thirst. Having partaken the Panakam, the old man blessed Sri Swamy on his head with the small stick and narrated (UPADESAM) SRI NRISIMHA ANUSHTUP MAHA MANTRAM in Sri Swamy's ears and enquired as to when Sri Swamy would give HAVIS etc. ( instead of only Panakam every day ). He also detailed the Sri Nrisimha Maha Yagn~am to Sri Swamy. When Sri Swamy expressed his helpless financial position, the old man assured Sri Swamy that from then on he would get name and fame and all that is necessary to perform the Yagn~as and although THE LORD WOULD OFTEN GIVE TESTING TIMES, Sri Swamy would not have any problems. Having said this, the old man went into the Garbagruha and vanished. Sri Swamy could not trace the old man in spite of searching all over. !!!.

As assured by the old man, Sri Swamy started getting calls from various places for conducting upanyasams without virtually any break.

Once when Swamy was giving SRIMAD BAGAVATHA UPANYASAM in Bangalore, a devotee from Malleswaram in Bangalore came and presented the YAGN~A MOORTHY ( a tiny silver, intricately carved idol of LORD LAKSMINARASIMHA IN SITTING POSTURE WITH THAYAR MAHALAKSMI SEATED ON HIS LEFT LAP ) stating that in his dream he was directed to deliver the idol to Sri Swamy who was rendering discourses in Bangalore. Sri Swamy also had a dream simultaneouly wherein THE YAGN~A MOORTHY had revealed that HE belonged to Sri Swamy and that HE would be delivered to Sri Swamy the next day during the Upanyasam. When the dream turned to reality the next day Sri Swamy was only too pleased and took possession of the YAGN~A MOORTHY with all devotion and reverence. Coincidentally, on the day Sri Swamy received the Yag~na moorthy He was talking about NrusimhAvatAram. What a befitting sambhAvanai!!!

Upon reaching Madras, after consulting his mother, elder brother Sri U Ve Mukkur Raghunathachariyar , a renowned Vedic Scholar, and his father - in - law Sri U Ve Thirukkallam Narasimha Raghavachariariar Swamy, a renowned Vedic Scholar and an authority on Bagavath Gita, Sri Swamy recalling the old man's directions decided to perform SRI SWATI NAKSHATRA SRI MAHANARASIMHA MAHA MANTRA JAPAHOMA MAHA YAG~NAM, since the YAGN~A MOORTHY was LAKSHMI NARASIMHA MOORTHY. During the first Yag~na itself the LORD LAKSHMINARASIMHA manifested HIMSELF on Sri Swamy and ordained that Sri Swamy should perform 108 such Yag~nas and not stop with just one !

Sri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Mattapalli
Sri Swamy had visited Sri Mattapally Maha Kshetram only in 1992 for the first time. In fact based on Divine Ordinance, he was informed of the place and he had to make several enquiries to find out the whereabouts of Sri Mattapally. Sri Swamy has since then been so involved with THE LORD OF MATTAPALLY that MATTAPALLY EMBERUMAN USED TO MANIFEST HIMSELF ON SRI SWAMY ON INNUMERABLE OCCASSIONS AND ALSO USED TO SPEAK IN DEVA BASHAI - SANSKRIT. In fact, ALL the YAGN~AS after the Mattapally Yagn~am have been performed in the places ORDAINED DURING A PREVIOUS AAVIRBHAAVAM OF THE LORD. Sri Swamy had a special reverance for the MATTAPALLY EMBERUMAN and he used to say that THE LORD LIVES IN EVERYONE'S HRIDAYA GUHA JUST LIKE MATTAPALLYNATHAN IN HIS GUHA (cave).

This article was taken from Narahari Hrudayam CD.
Wholehearted thanks to all who worked for making Narahari Hrudayam CD. 


  1. You have given a very nice brief of this divine secret in Sri Swami's Life in 1969.I have read this one in Tamil.

    I am not too sure about the year of this Avirbhaavam quote in one of Swami's Pravachanam( discourse),Lord Nrisimha had taken an Avirbhavam (a trance)on swami.Here is what Lord nrisimha himself has said about Sri mukkur swami. This gives an idea who mukkur swami is.

    Quote begins

    I,The lord who dwells at Mattapally since not Krutha yuga, have ordained Mukkur Lakshminarasimhan to conduct Sri swathi maha yag~yam purely for the welfare of the universe. This yag~yam is not associated with kali yuga alone. It originated in Krutha yuga and continues till date. He (Sri swami) has been the adhvaryau since Krutha yuga: you have also been assisting him since then. But for my volition, you would not be privileged to participate in the yag~ya. Hence participate.

    In krutha yuga He (Sri Swami)was named Vishwambharan: In tretha yuga Sri ugrasimhan: in Dvapara yugam Sri gunabhadran. In kali yuga Sri Lakshmi narasimhan. All of you have also inherited such divine names.

    Yag~nas were conducted for 360,720,and 20 years in krutha, tretha and dwapara yugas. Including the 16 years of kali yuga, 32000 yag~nas(@1000 yag~nas for each of the 32 nrusimha bhijaksharam) would be conducted in 1116 years. Hence partake.

    Since it (yag~na) is my volition, do not have any worries. Act as ordained. I am the doer. This is a divine secret. Do not share this information to those who do not have devotion in me. Expound on this to those who listen with devotion. Everything will come to fruition.

    Quote ends

    Sri Mukkur Swami is a messenger of LORD NRISIMHA who came to earth only for the welfare of the society. A selfless man, a noble soul and greatest Nrisimha upasakar earth has ever found

    1. Thanks a lot Cheeku.

      Few questions, please excuse my ignorance.

      "you (Sri MukkurSwamy right?) have also been assisting him(MattapallyNathan right ?) since then.
      But for my volition, you would not( is it just would be or would not be) be privileged to participate in the yag~ya. Hence participate.

      Thanks a lot

  2. Equally Ignorant but having said this,let me share my thoughts too

    A)LORD meant the people who were present on that day in HIS Avaavirbhavam and it was a direct message to the sevarthis is my understanding.

    B) He meant only MPN

    C) But for HIS mercy people who were part of the Yahyams would not have been privileged and HE meant only those Sevarthis.

    The message from SRI SWAMI will be in DEVA BHAASHA only and it is difficult to interpret for mortal like me.

    I will try to get more facts from learned people who were associated with Sri Swami ASAP.

  3. Dear Mr Cheeku
    Can you please clarify

    "Yag~nas were conducted for 360,720,and 20 years in krutha, tretha and dwapara yugas. Including the 16 years of kali yuga, 32000 yag~nas(@1000 yag~nas for each of the 32 nrusimha bhijaksharam) would be conducted in 1116 years."

    So is lord saying that for 360,720,yagnas were conducted and totally 32000 maha yagnas (in the scale of swami's yagnam) would be conducted.


  4. Dear Narayandasan

    I neither have the understanding nor the capability to interpret PERUMAL VAKKU. It is indeed terse and which to normal mind might lead to misinterpretation. The only person who can give the right interpretation is Sri Swami ( Mukkur swami). Many a times his AAVIRBHAVAM messages were recorded and played back to him for the right interpretation. As you might know it is only in sanskrit.Sri Swami must have shared this with his son and sishyas and give me time I will get back to you soon.

    All I can say is , There is one and only divine secret shared by LORD HIMSELF to all his sisyas is



    PS I am follower of your blog and recently blessed to hear SRI SS's Sri Narasimha Dwatrimshad Beejamala Stothram. Keep up your great job

  5. The Lord is basically saying that the sum total of all yajnas across all yugas is 32000. And the 108th yajna of current series should result in the culmination of the 32000.

  6. SrI:

    Dear Sir,

    NamaskAram! Thanks for this moving article on SrI SwAmi. Can you please let me know where to procure a copy of the Sri Narahari Hrudayam CD?

    Jayashree M

    1. Dear Mam,

      Somehow missed to reply. Sorry for it.
      This CD is not for sale yet. I got it from one of the wellwisher.
      You can try getting one from :-

      Sri Swathi Narasimha Maha Yagna Trust
      Old No 24 New No 34 Venkatesan Street
      T-Nagar Chennai 600017 Tamil Nadu
      Phone: 044 – 24353704 / Mobile: 9444 909132