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Aug 30, 2012

Narasimhar Avirbhaavam on Mukkur swamigal

One of Sri Mattapallinatha Bakthar (Mr. Srikanth Venkatesan), has shared the following details with us. Thank a lot for sharing sir.

Narasimhar Avirbhaavam on Mukkur swamigal

I am not too sure about the year of this Avirbhaavam quote in one of Swami's Pravachanam( discourse),Lord Nrisimha had taken an Avirbhavam (a trance)on swami.Here is what Lord nrisimha himself has said about Sri mukkur swami. This gives an idea who mukkur swami is.

Quote begins

I,The lord who dwells at Mattapally since not Krutha yuga, have ordained Mukkur Lakshminarasimhan to conduct Sri swathi maha yag~yam purely for the welfare of the universe. This yag~yam is not associated with kali yuga alone. It originated in Krutha yuga and continues till date. He (Sri swami) has been the adhvaryau since Krutha yuga: you have also been assisting him since then. But for my volition, you would not be privileged to participate in the yag~ya. Hence participate.
In krutha yuga He (Sri Swami)was named Vishwambharan: In tretha yuga Sri ugrasimhan: in Dvapara yugam Sri gunabhadran. In kali yuga Sri Lakshmi narasimhan. All of you have also inherited such divine names.
Yag~nas were conducted for 360,720,and 20 years in krutha, tretha and dwapara yugas. Including the 16 years of kali yuga, 32000 yag~nas(@1000 yag~nas for each of the 32 nrusimha bhijaksharam) would be conducted in 1116 years. Hence partake.
Since it (yag~na) is my volition, do not have any worries. Act as ordained. I am the doer. This is a divine secret. Do not share this information to those who do not have devotion in me. Expound on this to those who listen with devotion. Everything will come to fruition.
Quote ends

Sri Mukkur Swami is a messenger of LORD NRISIMHA who came to earth only for the welfare of the society. A selfless man, a noble soul and greatest Nrisimha upasakar earth has ever found.

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