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Aug 30, 2012

Narasimhar Avirbhaavam on Mukkur swamigal

One of Sri Mattapallinatha Bakthar (Mr. Srikanth Venkatesan), has shared the following details with us. Thank a lot for sharing sir.

Narasimhar Avirbhaavam on Mukkur swamigal

I am not too sure about the year of this Avirbhaavam quote in one of Swami's Pravachanam( discourse),Lord Nrisimha had taken an Avirbhavam (a trance)on swami.Here is what Lord nrisimha himself has said about Sri mukkur swami. This gives an idea who mukkur swami is.

Quote begins

I,The lord who dwells at Mattapally since not Krutha yuga, have ordained Mukkur Lakshminarasimhan to conduct Sri swathi maha yag~yam purely for the welfare of the universe. This yag~yam is not associated with kali yuga alone. It originated in Krutha yuga and continues till date. He (Sri swami) has been the adhvaryau since Krutha yuga: you have also been assisting him since then. But for my volition, you would not be privileged to participate in the yag~ya. Hence participate.
In krutha yuga He (Sri Swami)was named Vishwambharan: In tretha yuga Sri ugrasimhan: in Dvapara yugam Sri gunabhadran. In kali yuga Sri Lakshmi narasimhan. All of you have also inherited such divine names.
Yag~nas were conducted for 360,720,and 20 years in krutha, tretha and dwapara yugas. Including the 16 years of kali yuga, 32000 yag~nas(@1000 yag~nas for each of the 32 nrusimha bhijaksharam) would be conducted in 1116 years. Hence partake.
Since it (yag~na) is my volition, do not have any worries. Act as ordained. I am the doer. This is a divine secret. Do not share this information to those who do not have devotion in me. Expound on this to those who listen with devotion. Everything will come to fruition.
Quote ends

Sri Mukkur Swami is a messenger of LORD NRISIMHA who came to earth only for the welfare of the society. A selfless man, a noble soul and greatest Nrisimha upasakar earth has ever found.

Aug 21, 2012

Rahasyam (secret) Behind the Swati yag~nam as revealed by Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariyar Swamy himself

Panaka Narasimha Mangalagiri
When Sri Mukkur Swamy was residing at Vijayawada, at a time when he was not financially well off, he had a dream in the early morning one day, when his father late Sri U Ve Srinivasachariyar Swamy (who had attained Acharyan Thiruvadi sixteen years earlier) beckoned Sri Swamy " SIla" (pet name of Swamy) directing him to follow him. When Swamy followed his father towards the foot of a big hill , he was pleasantly surprised to see the serene and benevolent rUpam of HH Injimettu Srimad Azagiya Singar (42nd Jeer of Sri Ahobhila Math) with the Trithandam and Abhaya Muthirai. Sri Swamy followed them into the Garbagraha and saw the image of LORD LAKSHMI NARASIMHA's face partaking the PANAKAM. Sri Swamy woke up suddenly from the sleep. He realised that the LORD in the dream was none other than the LASKHMI NARASIMHA at MANGALAGIRI. Subsequently, he started visiting the temple daily to offer Panakam. Since he could not afford the 25 paise bus charge, he used to walk from Vijayawada to Mangalagiri, a distance of more than 12 kms.

Narasimha yajna murthy

On a NRISIMHA JAYANTHI day when Sri Swamy was returning with the PANAKAM, a very old SRI VAISHNAVA with URDHVA PUNDRAM and a small stick in his hand, sought the PANAKAM to quench his thirst. Having partaken the Panakam, the old man blessed Sri Swamy on his head with the small stick and narrated (UPADESAM) SRI NRISIMHA ANUSHTUP MAHA MANTRAM in Sri Swamy's ears and enquired as to when Sri Swamy would give HAVIS etc. ( instead of only Panakam every day ). He also detailed the Sri Nrisimha Maha Yagn~am to Sri Swamy. When Sri Swamy expressed his helpless financial position, the old man assured Sri Swamy that from then on he would get name and fame and all that is necessary to perform the Yagn~as and although THE LORD WOULD OFTEN GIVE TESTING TIMES, Sri Swamy would not have any problems. Having said this, the old man went into the Garbagruha and vanished. Sri Swamy could not trace the old man in spite of searching all over. !!!.

As assured by the old man, Sri Swamy started getting calls from various places for conducting upanyasams without virtually any break.

Once when Swamy was giving SRIMAD BAGAVATHA UPANYASAM in Bangalore, a devotee from Malleswaram in Bangalore came and presented the YAGN~A MOORTHY ( a tiny silver, intricately carved idol of LORD LAKSMINARASIMHA IN SITTING POSTURE WITH THAYAR MAHALAKSMI SEATED ON HIS LEFT LAP ) stating that in his dream he was directed to deliver the idol to Sri Swamy who was rendering discourses in Bangalore. Sri Swamy also had a dream simultaneouly wherein THE YAGN~A MOORTHY had revealed that HE belonged to Sri Swamy and that HE would be delivered to Sri Swamy the next day during the Upanyasam. When the dream turned to reality the next day Sri Swamy was only too pleased and took possession of the YAGN~A MOORTHY with all devotion and reverence. Coincidentally, on the day Sri Swamy received the Yag~na moorthy He was talking about NrusimhAvatAram. What a befitting sambhAvanai!!!

Upon reaching Madras, after consulting his mother, elder brother Sri U Ve Mukkur Raghunathachariyar , a renowned Vedic Scholar, and his father - in - law Sri U Ve Thirukkallam Narasimha Raghavachariariar Swamy, a renowned Vedic Scholar and an authority on Bagavath Gita, Sri Swamy recalling the old man's directions decided to perform SRI SWATI NAKSHATRA SRI MAHANARASIMHA MAHA MANTRA JAPAHOMA MAHA YAG~NAM, since the YAGN~A MOORTHY was LAKSHMI NARASIMHA MOORTHY. During the first Yag~na itself the LORD LAKSHMINARASIMHA manifested HIMSELF on Sri Swamy and ordained that Sri Swamy should perform 108 such Yag~nas and not stop with just one !

Sri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Mattapalli
Sri Swamy had visited Sri Mattapally Maha Kshetram only in 1992 for the first time. In fact based on Divine Ordinance, he was informed of the place and he had to make several enquiries to find out the whereabouts of Sri Mattapally. Sri Swamy has since then been so involved with THE LORD OF MATTAPALLY that MATTAPALLY EMBERUMAN USED TO MANIFEST HIMSELF ON SRI SWAMY ON INNUMERABLE OCCASSIONS AND ALSO USED TO SPEAK IN DEVA BASHAI - SANSKRIT. In fact, ALL the YAGN~AS after the Mattapally Yagn~am have been performed in the places ORDAINED DURING A PREVIOUS AAVIRBHAAVAM OF THE LORD. Sri Swamy had a special reverance for the MATTAPALLY EMBERUMAN and he used to say that THE LORD LIVES IN EVERYONE'S HRIDAYA GUHA JUST LIKE MATTAPALLYNATHAN IN HIS GUHA (cave).

This article was taken from Narahari Hrudayam CD.
Wholehearted thanks to all who worked for making Narahari Hrudayam CD. 

Aug 20, 2012

Origin of Sri Mattapalli MangaLAshtakam

A Narasimha Bakta -  cheeku has shared these details with us. 

Origin of Sri Mattapalli MangaLAshtakam

Those who have attended at least one of the 107+++ Maha Narasimha Maha Yag~nams conducted by Sri Mukkur Swamy would be aware that even He does not know two things prior: duration and cost. This is because Sri Swamy's each and every step ,be it during yag~nam or otherwise, is according to HIS sankalpam. As if to test Sri Swami's patience and conviction PerumaL gives new instructions through HIS AvirbhAvam on Sri Mukkur Swamy.

Just as in any other yag~nam, PerumaL made the Maha Yag~nam at Sri Mattapalli much more elaborate than anticipated What was supposed to be completed in a few days took weeks. Consequently, Sri Swami was short of funds to give sambavanai at the end. Not (actually Fully) knowing how to proceed, Sri Swami went into the sanctum sanctorum of Sri RajayaLakshmi SamEdha Mattapally Naadhan, sat in front of him and started praying. Hours vanished by and Sri Swamy was still inside with tears rolling down his cheeks. Just as perumAL guided Sri Swami to compile Sri MalOla panchakam when he was bereaving the loss of his dear mother, HE blessed him now to compile Sri Mattapally MangaLashtakam. Sri Swamy was reciting this slOkam again and again.

Meanwhile, Sri Sridharachar who assists Sri Swamy, received a call from an unknown bhAgavatA. The caller had come to Vijayawada (130 Km from Sri Mattapally) and wanted to attend the yag~nam. Sridharachar provided him the route with instructions to come ASAP since the Nrusimha kudumbam was planning to leave that evening for Madras. The bhAgavatA reached Mattapally in the next 3 hours and Sri Swamy was still inside the cave repeatedly reciting the mangaLashtakam.

With due permission, the bhAgavatA went close to Sri Swamy paid his obeisance. As a humble tribute to Sri Swami's yag~nam for lOka Kshemam, he gave his samarpaNam in a briefcase. Swamy accepted it and, as always, thanked, blessed and gave him hOma prasadham and requested the bhAgavatA to have food before leaving. The bhAgavatA had to leave immediately and so Swamy gave him permission half heartedly.

An hour after the bhAgavatA left, Sri Swami opened the briefcase. He was amazed. The suitcase had bundles and bundles of hard cash - the very same cash that Sri Swamy was hoping to give as sambAvanai to all the ritviks. Sri Swamy spent a few more hours inside the cave, reciting mangaLashtakam thanking HIM for HIS kArunyam.

Nobody in the yag~na kudumbam had seen the bhAgavatA before or again after this incident. It is HIM and HIM alone who tested Sri Swami's conviction, made him compose and recite MangaLashtakam and then answered his call in mortal form.

Sri Mattapally PerumAL himself stresses the significance of this mangaLashtakam repeatedly. In fact, HE himself had given upanyAsam's on two different occassions at Venus Colony, Madras. 

(The above incident was told to my father by Sri Sridharachar).


Aug 17, 2012

Bajrangbali-Hanuman The Powerful - Full movie with English Subtitles

devotional movies with subtitles are my favorites.

We dont have many tamil devotional movies. Or i should say i have watched most of the them.

I feel we have lot of devotional movies in Telugu / Marathi / Hindi.
if you cell phone supports videos, you can even copy these wonderful devotional stuff to your cell phones.

Power of MantraRajaPatha Slokam

The Powerful, Poovarasan kuppam Lakshmi Narasimhar

Today, i was blessed to recite MantraRajaPatha Slokam more than 32times..
Whenever i do this, throughout the day i can feel His blessings around me, within me.
I feel a sense of friendliness and love towards everybody i meet that day....

Please try it yourself.
Try reciting MantraRajaPatha Slokam in one sitting atleast 32 times. It will take approximately 60min.

Please share us your experience.

Aug 6, 2012

Shri Yoga Narasimha Suprabhatam ( Text / Meaning / Mp3)

Shri Yoga Nrisimha Suprabhatam

Cholingar - Kadikachalam Yoga Narasimhar with Amritabalavalli Thayar

Yoga Nrisimha Suprabhatam was written by a Shri Vaishnava saint a contemporary of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Shri Tottaiyacarya Swami. In accordance with the philosophical understanding of approaching the Lord through His servants the first two prayer is addressing Lakshmi and the rest are glorifying Nrisimhadeva. 

Being a great devotee of Shri Nrisimhadeva he lived in Solanghipuram where the beautiful deity of Alegiya Simha is residing. This prayer is chanted upon waking up the Lord.




Meaning (from

uttishöhottishöa bhagavan uttishöha nara keshari /
uttishöha kamala nabha trailokyam mangalam kuru //

Wake up, wake up O Supreme Personality of Godhead. Wake up half man, half lion. Wake up O You whose navel is like a lotus flower and thus make the three worlds auspicious.

matah sudhaphala late mahaniyashile
vaksho vihara rasike nrihare rajasram /
kshiramburashitanaye shritakalpavalli
Shriman nrisimha dayite tava suprabhatam //       1

O Mother, creeper of nectarine fruits, You are the possessor of many elevated qualities. You constantly enjoy on the chest of Nrisimha without interruption. Your body is like that of the milk ocean. You are the garland of fulfilled desires to those who fully take shelter of You. O beloved of Nrisimha, good morning.

tava suprabhatamanavadyavaibhave
ghatikesha-sadguna-nivasa-bhutale /
ghatita khilartha ghadikadri shekhare
ghatika drinatha dayite dayanidhe //         2

Good morning to You whose greatness and opulence is unapproachable. You are the sum total of all good qualities found on this earthly plane. You are the purpose behind all achievements. O ocean of mercy, You are the beloved of the Lord of the Ghaöika mountain. 

atryadika munigana viracayya sandhyam
divyasravan madhujarika-saroruhani /
padarpanaya pariguhya purah prapannah
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          3

O Shri Nrisimha please accept our offerings, from those surrendered unto You, to Your lotus feet which are considered as weapons in the heavenly planets pouring honey. You are raised at dawn by group of sages headed by Atri.

sapta rishi sangha kruta-samstuti-suprasanna
Shriman nrisimha guna rupa ramamahibhyam /
sakam nrisimha giri -sattvakruta dhivasa
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          4

You are beautifully glorified by the sapta rishis. O Lord Nrisimha, You possess lovely bodily features and wonderful qualities. You reside on the Simha-giri mountain. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

devari bhanjana-marutsuta-datta shankha
cakratapatrita-phanishvara-patrisheshin /
devendra mukhaya-sura pujita-padapadma
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          5

You are the destroyer of the asuras, the enemies of the saintly. You were given shankha and Cakra by the son of Maruta. You are protected by the hoods of Lord shesha. Your lotus feet are worshipped by the demigods headed by Lord Indra. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

svamin suresha madhuresha samahitartha
dhyana pravina vinatavanajagaruka /
sarvajna santata samirita sarva vritta
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //        6

O Lord, God of gods, O sweet One. You are most conversant with the purpose of mystic meditation. You are the rejuvenator of those who desire to surrender unto You. You are knower of everything, O manipulator of everything, You just like a violent storm move everything around. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

prahlada rakshana nidana kutavatara
mugdhasvakiyanakharaih sphutitaravaksha /
sarvabhivandya-nijavaisbhava candrakanta
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          7

You are the protector of Prahlada Maharaja and this was the purpose of Your incarnation. You by the tips of Your beautiful nails tore apart the chest of Your enemy. Your opulence is worshipable by everyone. Your luster is like that of the shining moon. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

bhaktocitadisarasah sugunam prakushnam
tirtham suvarnadhaa-puritamadarena /
dhritva shruti pravacanaikapara lasanti
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          8

Those who solely hear only the shastras they always long for that holy place (Vaikuëöha) that by Your mercy is always infested with brilliance and most excellent qualities and rasas that raise from bhakti. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

suristuti prathita vigraha-kantikanta /
sadbhih sarmacita-padambhuja sadhurakshita
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //         9

You are fully praise worthy being the best on battle field. You form which is the source of brilliance is described in the prayers of the learned. Protector of the pious, Your lotus feet are properly worshiped by the saintly. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

tirthani gomukha gatanyakhilani dhritva
bhavyani bhavyanikarah parito lasanti /
gayanti ganachaturastava divyakrittam
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          10

Those who desire the essence of the essence they expertly propagate Your glories by chanting about Your transcendental pastimes. This way they purify all the places just as if they would take all the holy places into their horn bugle for propagation. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

vikhyata-vishvanatha-sad ghatikacalendra /
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          11

In Varanasi people worship Ganga, at Prayaga they worship Vishvanatha, Lord shiva, and You are famous as the Lord of the Ghaöika mountain who gives a good lesson at the right time. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

Shri colasimhapura-bhagyakritavatara /
svamin sushila sulabhashrita parijata
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          12

You are surrounded on both sides by Lakshmi, (Bhu and Nila). Your very auspicious incarnation took place at the city of Colasimhapura. O Lord of spotless manners, at whom it is very pleasant to take shelter just like at a parijata tree. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

Shri Shrinivasa-ghanadeshikavarya-bhakti
samvardhita-pratidinotsava-shobhamana /
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          13

O best of the Ghana-deshikas, Your auspicious benevolence is like an ever increasing festival of devotion. Your appearance, fully adorned in gold, is very merciful. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

devam pranamya varadam ghatikadrimetya /
vadhula-manidhi-mahagururesha aste
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          14

By visiting the Ghaöika mountain and offering obeisances to the Lord who stood on the bank of Brahma-tirtha and whose navel looks like a lotus flower, one will certainly become very intelligent, captivating and definitely a great spiritual teacher. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

acaryapurushavara hyabhiramavriddha
arhabhipujyatara-mangalavastuhastah /
tvat padapankaja-sishevishaya prapannah
Shriman nrisimha vijayi bhava suprabhatam //          15

Those who are most worshippable amongst great teachers and are very advanced in the process of worshipping Lord Rama always keep most auspicious paraphernalia in their hands for Your worship, they are always engaged in the service of Your lotus feet. O Lord let Your awakening be victorious.

Shriman nrisimha girishekhara suprabhatam
ye manavah pratidinam patitum pravrittah /
tebhyah prasannavadanah kamalasahayah
sarvani vanchita phulani dadati kamam // 

Those who everyday engage the reading of this suprabhatam, which is the crest jewel of Lord Nrisimha's mountain, the pleasing faced companion of the goddess of fortune will supply all desired fruits according to their wishes and taste.

Adi Shankarachariya - Full Movie in Sanskrit with English subtitles.

Aug 1, 2012

Wonderful video about Bidar Sri Jharani Narasimha Swamy Temple

Visions of Divinities

Wish to share this post from Kamakoti Mandali..

The memoirs of AchArya AmritavAgbhava

AchArya AmritavAgbhava, who experienced shAmbhava samAvesha from none other than durvAsA, has recorded in a memoir, his direct experience of vision of various divinities. In a chapter titled divyadarshanaprakaraNa, AchArya records his experiences in chaste sanskrit verses. Here is a condensed summary of the same for the purpose of inspiration to other sAdhakas to pursue mantropAsana with full zest.
"In the valley of Himalayas, when I lost my way and was overcome with confusion, three divine women appeared holding lanterns in their hands. Accompanying them was a divine male who held a flute in his hands. They showed me the way and disappeared with the speed of a lightening. This incident occurred in vikrama samvatsara 1985, on mAgha amAvasyA, in pUrNagiri (punna giri near Nainital).
Yet another time, I saw a supremely divine Jyotirlinga in the cave of Amarnath which was tall like a kadalI-stambha. It spanned across the heaven and earth and was embraced by shakti till the waist (of the linga). It was mithunAtmaka or yugala in appearance and its height was unimaginable. The four lotus feet of the linga were clearly visible, but it was impossible to envision it beyond the region of the waist. The feet appeared like clear quartz embedded with the reddish hue of ruby. Having seen such a linga, my entire being was immersed in divine joy!
Towards my right hand, in eastern direction, was present the paramapuruSha Lord amaranAtha and towards my left hand, in the western direction was the great goddess parAshakti. For a moment, having forgotten the entire world, I sat there submerged in the radiance of the divine spectacle that stood before me. I had the vision of shAka (this special terminology connoted by AchArya is explained here) based on the merit of the secret sAdhanA taught to me by the great guru sage durvAsA. This vision occurred during Vikrama samvatsara 1986, on shrAvaNa shukla chaturdashI, on a Monday.
I am verily of the nature of shAka, having witnessed Goddess shAradAmbA herself in the form of three birds colored shveta, rakta and shyAma (indicative of the three srotas of shyAmA, raktA or sundarI and shAmbhavI). This very form which was seen by sage shANDilya after a thousand years of penance, I saw in nine days due to the grace of my Guru (sage durvAsA). This incident occurred in 1986, on Ashvina shukla navamI, within the premises of shAradA temple in Kashmir.
The divine form of shAka materialized before me in the tIrtha of shailaputrI (Devi bal temple at Baramulla), within who I saw countless universes appearing like small bubbles of water, each one appearing as complex words and meaning (shabda and artha) or names and forms. Within one such universe, I also saw my current birth and the physical form. Having realized my self as parameshvara, the three praharas of night passed as though a minute, while I remained immersed in the intoxicating bliss of AtmAnanda. This incident occurred in vikrama samvatsara 1986, on kArtika shukla dashamI.
In mArtANDa bhavana (Mattan), I had a vision of shAka, which appeared brighter than the sun, moon and fire. This incident occurred in 1986, on mAgha shukla dashamI, during the second prahara of the night.
In the kShetra of kArkoTa nAga in Kashmir, I had the direct vision of the panchakoshas discussed by the vedAntins. This vision occurred in 1987, on chaitra shukla panchamI, during the early hours of dawn.
In Srinagar, in the sacred shrine of shArikA, a Siddha who appeared to be a Kashmiri Pandit and identified himself as ‘Shiv-ji’, graced me by revealing the hidden philosophical as well as the practical sAdhanA tattva embedded within the verse ‘mAyA kuNDalinI’ (from devI panchastavI which also forms the guideline for one the important pArAyaNas of shrIvidyA). Having blessed me with this secret, he disappeared. His appearance before me occurred in 1987, on bhAdrapada shukla panchamI.
Once I was on my deathbed, burning with a deadly fever and nearly unconscious with thirst. A mysterious Siddha of a dark complexion (krishna pingala) appeared before me and poured in my mouth the nectarine water from his kamaNDalu, imparting along with that the sanjIvanI mantra of tryambaka. I was cured instantly from my affliction. The siddha held in his hand a trident and a kamaNDalu. He seemed to be the very personification of divine compassion. I know neither his name nor his identity. This incident occurred in a dharamshAlA at Kulu (Sultanpuri) near shmashAneshvara in 1988.
Once, immensely grieved by a terrible disease, I decided to end by life through prAyopravesha on the banks of river Ganga. Then, a siddha who was fair like the moon and sporting a long flowing beard, appeared emitting a bright light, out of his own sweet will. He approached me and said, “Son, do not discard your body. Instead, take a vow to retain the body till the end of prArabdha karma, at the end of which it shall fall by the will of the great Mother. You are a scholar of great merit and you know that you are still to exhaust the karma”. Having advised thus, the great man disappeared. This incident occurred in 1991 in Ropad (Punjab) on mArgashIrSha shukla trayodashI.
At a certain point, I lived within a hut on a hill top near Tithwal (Kashmir). On afternoon, I witnessed the appearance of a divine umbrella (Chatra) which was studded with pearls, precious gems and floating by itself. This occurred in vikrama samvatsara 2003 during Ashvina mAsa.
Once I was reciting Gangalahari composed by Panditaraja Jagannatha at a tIrtha named Kamkhal near Daksheshvar, on Birala ghat. I then had three visions of mother Ganga in her divine form. Her complexion was like that of a champak flower and she shone with dark curly hair. It appeared as though she was swimming towards me. She wore a dazzling white garment that was fixed by a knot at her neck. The goddess disappeared after the completion of the recitation of Gangalahari. A brAhmaNa named Sri Bhagavati Prasad who was present there also saw the divine form of the Mother and was surprised beyond words. This occurred in 2004 during AShADha.
Though I had the vision of various divinities, I was unhappy on account of not seeing the divine form of my iShTa devatA, Goddess tripurasundarI. One fine day, when I completed my nitya karma, the great goddess appeared as a little girl, sitting on my shoulder, with her lotus feet swinging freely. I could see her feet which were adorned with beautiful anklets. One of the payals slipped from her foot and before it fell down to earth, I caught it with my hands. When I tried to put it back on her lotus feet, she suddenly jumped from my shoulders, ran away and disappeared. I could only see her back but not the face. Who can understand the divine play of the great Mother? This incident occurred at the residence of a brAhmaNa named Deshraj Sharma in Motibagh of Delhi in samvatsara 2039".
The great philosopher also describes his vision of durvAsA and of the Supreme Goddess mahAtripurasundarI in a different work, which we shall examine in another post in future.