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Nov 30, 2017

Sri Narasimha Darshanam 5-Sevilimedu

Srimathe ramanujaya namaha
Appeal for renovation of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha perumal temple,Sevilimedu,Kanchipuram

Dear bhagavathas,

We all aware that there are 106 Perumal temples in India and Present day Nepal that has been considered as Divya desam since the Azhvar saints sang in praise of the Lord in these temples.Apart from these temples there are numerous vaishnava temples mostly in South India that are visited by great srivaishnava acharyas like Sri Ramanuja, Sri Vedanta Desika and Sri Manavala Maamuni etc..

There are plenty of vishnu and siva temples in Kanchipuram which every one is aware of. The Kanchi varadarajar temple is well known to us and Pallava kings have taken great care of these temples and these temples had glorious time during their kingdom.However during the mugal invasion there was a great threat to these siva/vishnu temples and our acharyas have taken great pains to preserve the deities and the temple. At Srirangam during the Malikkafur's invasion Sri Pillai lokacharya has taken the idols of Sri Ranganatha to Thirumalai and for many years the temple at Srirangam was locked.Similarly during the Mugal invasion the Kanchi Varadarajar was taken to a less known temple at Sevilimedu village in the banks of Palar. There was a beautiful Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple at this village and Sri Varada was residing here for one year and HIS utsavams were performed here.The idols were taken to this temple from original varadaraja temple thru a tunnel which can be even seen today. In order to remind of this incident  even today Sri Varada visits this temple during Chitra Pournami day.

Another interesting note is that the famous well from which Sri Ramanuja used to offer water to Sri Varada is situated near to this temple. The Well is called SalaikiNaru meaning the Well near the road.

The deities here are so beautiful and the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha is 7 ft tall salagrama and Sri Soundarya valli Thayar is 5 ft tall. Utsava moorthy is called as Sri Soundarya varadan.There are also vigrahas of Sri Hanuman, Sri Andal and Sri Kannan.
What ever you read is the History.What happens today..

The Rajagopuram is totally damaged and even you have to use alternate entrance to visit the temple. Further no sanctum santorum for Hanuman and Andal. The madappalli (kitchen) is house for rats and mouse.There is no money for daily aradana too..
The local residents and archakas have approached few mutts and the response is not very encouraging. BUT with the blessings of Sriya: pathi YOU can make a difference to this temple. The current estimate is around 15 lakhs of rupees to renovate the gopuram and other maintenance works.

Please review the images of scanned pages of Kumudam bhakthi special below regarding this temple.

 Sri Krishnan from Miami has mailed adiyen regarding this temple and adiyen would appreciate your help for this noble cause.You may contact me on email or Sri Krishnan on phone (305 333 2098) or his father Sri Srinivasa raghavan in Kanchipuram on phone (04112)237316.
Thanks for your patient reading.
dasan venkat.


Got this from web few years back. Many many thanks to that Narasimha Baktha who had done this pdf .

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