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Mar 28, 2015

The Lord ‘delivers’..!

This happened to my sister almost a month ago. My sister was reaching the final stages of her pregnancy when she got her labour pain. Coming from a remote village in AP (Atmakur) with not very great medical facilities, my parents and brother-in-law immediately rushed her into a nursing home nearby. The doctor was diagnosing her for almost four hours while my parents and others were waiting eagerly for the auspicious delivery news. However, the doctor, after a long time, came up and told us that the issue was very critical and she had to be taken to the town hospital.

The story was that my sister had lost all her amniotic fluid (a fluid very integral for pregnancy) and we learnt from the people there that if at all such a case occurs, the woman should be operated within the next 30 minutes; but here was my sister still standing and not knowing how to reach the nearby town. A typical journey to the town (Kurnool) takes 2 hours at the minimum. Meanwhile I was at the Narasimha Temple, completely tensed and very anxiously praying to the Lord. In this gap of time, I did an archana to Lord Narasimha on my sister’s name, and tight here flowed the mercy!

My parents there very soon managed to hire a van which would take them to the town. This was the mercy of Lord manifested, as the day this happened was the day next to Sivaratri when the whole village shuts down after stretching the previous night. The van started and to everyone’s surprise, the vehicle reached in a record time of 45 minutes! My sister too was desperately begging the Lord and chanting His names all through the journey. The surgery was performed immediately and she delivered a beautiful baby boy. The kid was in fact were active, quite opposed to the fact that Caesarean-operated kids are generally drowsy at birth. My sister and the child are hale and healthy now. I’m still thinking if ever I have made a journey to the town in 45 mins, and whenever I think of this, I give up convincing myself that it was completely Lord Narasimha’s arrangement!

All glories to Sri Sri Lakshmi Narasimha!

– Bhakta Pavan, Victory Flag BACE, Sri Narasimha Giridhari Mandir



  1. yes .the above infermation ,i agree i am also thanks to Lord Sri LakshmiNarasinha swamy.i am also faced one problem ..that time i has stragulled,with lord narasimha .....finally ,..I and my wife (she came through cristian minarity in the came cast) and our bounded to Narasimha swamy and also Promised to build a temple on top of the hill.Its Running a Real story.....and we requesting to this lord please give a chance to pray this God next genarations also..OK ..WHAT PROBLEM Fased..what support he givined to share..plz wait... by .

  2. Express delivery...the lord does not tarry when his devotee is in trouble...