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Apr 25, 2013

Sri Mantra Raja Patha Slokam - Explanation by Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariyar - Part1

This article is taken from Sri Narasimha Priya magazine (1995) edition and is written by our beloved Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariyar.

I have searched for this article so many times in the web. I'm sure there will be many looking for this precious article as well.

Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariyar thirupathangale saranam.

Mukkur Sri Lakshmi Narasimhachariyar

Sri Mahalakshmi Thayee Saranam
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Saranam


  1. "●♥●__/\__●♥●"
    ♥வாழ்க வளமுடன்♥

  2. Om Narsimhay namah-Sister can u translate [in english] this divine stotra as explained by Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariyar JI,i m Narsimha devote but unable to understand the will help all narsimha devotess around the world who cant understand the language

    1. Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaya Namaha...

      Sister / brother.. I'm not qualified enough to do that translation. Its beyond my level. Sorry.

      If you can understand Tamil, please try listening to Sri Mukkur Swamigal upanyasam.

      Narasimha bakthai.