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Mar 26, 2013

கம்பன் கவிதையில் நரசிங்கச் சிரிப்பொலி

This was taken from Sri Nrisimha Priya 1971 November edition.
Article written by our beloved Sri. Mukkur LakshmiNarasimhachariar

MettuAzaghiyaSingar, SriRangam

Ahobilam JwalaNarasimhaSwamy Sannidhi


  1. My heart-felt thanks for coming up with this blog about Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar.
    Of all paropakarams that can be done, the biggest and the best is leading someone towards the 'Lord', i.e. enabling someone to look into their 'Source' and then merge into the same... your blog is a tool that achieves this kainkaryam everyday, to millions of Narasimhar devotees.
    May Lord Narasimhar provide you with all the good fortune in life...
    Found few vidoes, which I'd like to share with you. Kindly share it with all the devotees through your blog.
    Thank you.


    "Sri Shanishchara-krita Sri Narasimha Stuti"
    This stotram, which appears in "Bhavisyoattara Purana", is chanted by Shani Dev himself! Pleased with this stuti, Lord Narasimha grants complete 'abhayam' from Shani to all those who recite this with faith on Saturdays.

    Pleased to post this on a Saturday!


    Kannada version:-

    1. Here are some video links on MantraRajaPada Stotram.
      Sad, that I couldn't find the complete upanyasam from U.Ve Velukkudi Krishnan' avargal, on the same.
      Very beautiful explanation.. as always U Ve expilans the MRP brilliantly in the upanyasam.

      Will post few more as-and-when I come across the same.

      Thank You.

    2. Excellent articles on "Sri Ashtamukha Gandabherunda Narasimha":-

  2. Mythili

    Thanks for the links..

    It is always nice to hear on Lord Nrisimha and more so more on Mantra raja padam..

    1. Yes, it's undoubtedly a pleasure to here about our ArAdhya Deivam!
      Here is one more link, for download (Sri Narasimha Dwatrimshad Beejamala Stothram):-

  3. Namaskaram Mam,

    Very happy to know that your aradhanai deivam is Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar.

    And thank you so much for all your valuable comments. Totally very busy these days ... not able to post much about my sweet Lord.

    I plan to go through your comments one by one this weekend... Please keep sending details about Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar.

    Warm Regards
    Narasimha Bakthai..