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Dec 17, 2012

Rock-cut NarasimhaDeva of Lalitpur UP

In the Lalitpur district of Uttar Pradesh is the ancient village of Dudhai, which is home to an astounding murti of Lord Nrsimhadeva. Cut into the rock face of a hillside way off the beaten track, relatively few pilgrims search out this hidden treasure. Although it is listed as a sacred site by the Archaeological Survey of India, little documentation is available about the sculpture.

The rock-cut 

Nrsimhadeva of Dudhai stands over thirty feet tall, and is masterfully sculpted to take advantage of the natural striations in the rock formation, which add to the design of the murti. The demon Hiranyakasipu is stretched across the Lord's lap, being composed of natural stone that is silhouetted by the bas relief rock-cut design.

Source Hinduism (The forgotten facts)

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