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Nov 22, 2012

Lord Nrusimha Deva Photos

Ugra Narasimha Bronze Statue

Lovely Narasimha deva, 7th Century

Ugra Narasimhar Painting - artist Barlow, c. 1790

Narasimha Deva with lovely smile

c. 1630-1650 Coins, depicting Lord Nrsimhadev in yoga pose

17th C Bronze Statue of Lakshmi Narasimha.
A lovely mix of Chatravada Narasimha & Malolan of Ahobilam

Narasimha Deva Sculpture from Philadelphia Museum belonging to 2 c AD
Sri Yoga Narasimha of Sri Narasingha Chaitanya Ashram

Tamil Nadu, c. 950 A.D. A very peaceful Nrsimhadev, holding lotus and chakra, with hand mudras

Lord Jagannathar in His Nrsimhadev attire

Lord Jagannathar in His Nrsimhadev attire

What a stylish looking Narasimha 

Demigods pacify Narasimha Deva

Halebid  Karnataka - Ugra Narasimha
Lord Narasimha With  Senchu Lakshmi Thayar in Ahobilam

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  1. very Nice to see the interesting and unique photos of the Lord. Narasimha iconography has always adapted to the socio-political requirements. The early iconography of Narasimha showed a calm nature. When times became more turbulent with the moslem invasions, Narasimha worship and iconography became more terrific. Some of the common iconography of the very ugra narasimha with Hiranya Kashipu's entrails all over can be seen at Belur-Halabeid. The worship and depiction in these ways instilled a spirit of bravery among people
    After the 17000 massacre at Srirangam, the most terrific form of Gandaberunda was initiated for protection of the remaining residents of Srirangam
    Some of the more dramatic forms of Narasimha can be seen at Ahobilam , like his marriage with Chenchu Lakshmi, in the form of a play written by one of the jeeyers

    1. Dear Sir,

      Halebid Karnataka - Ugra Narasimhar is such a wonderful piece of detailed artwork. I have added it now.

      Will you be able to identify the demon like face which Narasimha presses with one of his right hand. Is it Sarabheshwarar.

      And i could see Karudalwar standing to HIS left. I think, The other two at the right hand side of Narasimha Deva must be Lakshmi devi & Prahlad mahraj. Is that right.
      Somehow i feel Hiranyakasipu is really happy to have reached his fathers lap. Happy ending for him.

  2. Indeed a beautiful 12 armed Narasimha..I dont think that it is Srabeshwara as he is not potrayed as a demon..Garudalwar can be seen.

    On a different note, I have always wondered why the Bhargava Narasimha in Ahobilam has Hiranyakashipu's head on the right hand side, all other idols have Hiranyakashipu's head on the left side.