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Jun 12, 2012

Narasimha Bija Mantram

Sholingar (Kadikachalam) Yoga Narasimha

Narasimha Bija is Kshraum: This is composed of ksha + Ra + u + m
Ksha represents the state of existence before creation commenced. Ra represents the vidya aspect of his Shakti (or Lakshmi) and this form is referred to as Pavaka. Ra may also signify the ‘keeper of time’ known as Kalavahni. u represents the udaya aspect or the awakened aspect of Lord Vishnu. Finally, m abbreviates along vyomesha or the place where all creation finally ends. (One of  the Narasimha mantras refers to him as Kalagni Rudra or the fire of destruction)
Thus, interestingly, this small Narasimha bija mantra represents everything from source to sustenance and destruction.
Please read "Narasimha Bija & Structure of a few Bija Mantras"  by narayandasan for detailed explanation. 

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