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Nov 26, 2011

Power of Narasimha Prapatti (Narasimha Prapatti in Tamil & English with meaning)

Narasimha Prapatti in Tamil & English with meaning

Mata narasimha, pita narasimha
Bratha narasimha, sakha narasimha
Vidyaa narasimha, dravinam narasimha
Swami narasimha, sakalam narasimha
Itho narasimha, paratho narasimha
Yatho yatho yahi, tatho narasimha
Narasimha devaath paro na kaschit
Tasmaan narasimha sharanam prapadye

மாதா நரசிம்ஹா, பிதா நரசிம்ஹா
ப்(4)ராதா நரசிம்ஹா ஸகா நரசிம்ஹா
வித்(3)யா நரசிம்ஹா, த்(3)ரவிணம் நரசிம்ஹா
ஸ்வாமி நரசிம்ஹா ஸகலம் நரசிம்ஹா
இதோ நரசிம்ஹா பரதோ நரசிம்ஹா,
யதோயதோ யாஹி: ததோ நரசிம்ஹா,
நரசிம்ஹா தே(3)வாத் பரோ ந கஸ்சித்
தஸ்மான் நரசிம்ஹா சரணம் ப்ரபத்(3)யே

Mother and father is Narasimha
Brother and friend is Narasimha
Knowledge and wealth is Narasimha
My Lord and my Everything is Narasimha.
Narasimha in this world, Narasimha in the other
Wherever I go, there is Narasimha
Narasimha is the only Lord,there is none other
So, I seek refuge in you, Narasimha


  1. very good small slogam to chant daily atleast 7 times. thank you and i wish to chant this for my serious number one problem. one lady cheated me Rs.3 lakhs from March 2015. i hope i will get back the same soon.

    1. Please start runa vimochana stotram

  2. I want my son to do well in his studies. He is unable to understand accounts. Pls guide me

  3. Please chant Hayagriva stotram ( Swamy Desikan) daily for studies

  4. My daughter's marriage is getting delayed. What to do?

  5. i dont having any improvement in the job..what to do?