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Oct 28, 2011

SRI KURMAM (More than a Million year old shrine for KurmaAvatar)

Sri Kurmam, AP

Sri Kurmam, situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal, is easily accessible by Road, Rail and Air. It is about 12 Km from the district Head Quarters town of Srikakulam, which is conveniently located on the National Highway 5 from Chennai to Kolkata. Visakhapatnam City is about 110 Km from the Temple

Temple's main features:-

1.More than a Million Year old Shrine where Outer Structures were constructed many a time, the present one being more than 700 years old.
This ancient shrine is believed to be prior to the golden era of sri raama (raama raajyam).

2.Prominent references about this shrine are available in Kurma , Vishnu, Padma, Brahmaanda puraanaas.

3.Only Swayambhu Temple in the World where Maha Vishnu is adored in the form of Kurma (Tortoise) Avataar - 2nd Incarnation of the Famous Dasa Avataaraas of Lord Vishnu.

4.One of the few Temples in the World with 2 Dwaja Stambhaas - the second one in the west since deity is facing West.

5.One of the few Vishnu Temples in the World where Abhishekham is performed on daily basis

6.One of the Few Temples in the World with centuries old rare Mural Paintings similar to those in Ajanta Ellora Caves.

7.Second Temple in the World with Durga Mata in Vaishno Devi Form., the other being in Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu & Kashmir State.

8.Stone Sculpture at its Peak - Called Gaandharva Shilpa Kala. 108 exquisitely carved stone pillars where no pillar is similar to the other, with a few of them hanging from the roof structure without any support from bottom. Under ground Tunnel to Varanasi (KAASI).

9.Moksha Sthaanam where last rites are performed for deceased , like in Varanasi (U.P.) / Puri (Odisha).

10.Visited by many great Kings and Saints including Adi Sankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Narahari Teertha, Chaitanya Maha Prabhu etc

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