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Mar 9, 2011

Haryashtakam by Vadiraja Tirthar (Slokam with meaning)

Vadiraja Tirthar

Wish to share this wonderful slokam by achariyar Vadiraja Tirthar.

A note about achariyar Vadiraja Tirthar.
He lived for 120 years, (1480-1600 AD) out of which 112 years as a sanyAsi, and entered brindAvana alive !

Every day, Sri Vadiraja Tirtha would offer a sweet dish called Hayagrîva (a preparation consisting of jaggery, almonds, ghee and kaDale (lentil) by keeping it in a tray and holding it on his head while seated (as shown in the picture). The Sri Hayavadana used to take a form of a white horse, as indicated, and would put his feet at the shoulders of Sri Vadiraja Tirtha, eat the sweet, play for some time like a horse, and disappear into the Hayavadana icon. It is said that Sri Vâdiraja Tîrtha would sing the 'Dashâvatâra-stuti', set to an 'ashvaghâTi' (literally, a horse's trot) beat, to please the Lord, and the latter Himself would appear and dance when His devotee sang to Him.

Haryashtakam by Vadiraja Tirtha

svamuddhartum hare vetti kim kupe patitah pashuh |
kshipannanghrim muhurkrandan kripam janayati prabho ||

Does an animal fallen into a well know how to lift itself out, O Hari?
By beatings of its limbs, and repeated cries, it causes mercy, O Lord.

anichhato.api tasyajnasyangam kukshim ca damabhih |
shanairnibadhya svajanair hare sa paramuddharet ||

And even if it is unwilling, its limbs are targeted with a lasso;
thus slowly bound, so also, the Supreme Hari lifts His own people (from samsara).

sa hare lalayet pankam kshalayet palayettriëaih |
shamaye daushadhair mantraih svagoshöhastasya vedanam ||

That Hari wipes away the mud, washes, and nurtures the animal;
removes its collected sufferings with medicine and incantations.

tatha narapashor isha bhavakupe.arditasya me |
hare parihara shesha klesham keshighna keshava ||

So also, I am a human-animal suffering in the world-well, my Lord;
O Hari! You who are Keshava, the killer of Keshi, rescue me from myriad flaws.

mam hi jivanmritam kartum yatante paritah khalah |
tannihatya hare shighram sevayam te niyunkshva mam ||

In order to make me a walking corpse are engaged various villains;
having killed them soon, O Hari, select me for your service.

kamadya.antara shatrubhyo bahya shatrubhya eva ca |
bhitam hare.asuradbhitam prahladahlada pahi mam. ||

Internal enemies such as lust, etc., and eternal enemies as well;
having removed the fear of these, you who are fearful to asuras,
give me joy as you did to Prahlada.

adhinvyadhinarinrajno drohiëo.anyamshca durjanan |
kshipram nashaya sarvajna sarvashakte hare mama ||

Anxieties, diseases, women, kings, traitors, and bad people other
than these; destroy them soon, my Omniscient, Omnipotent Hari!

kalim khaëdaya tadbhrityan daëdayashu hare mama |
manashodhaya sattattvam bodhayeshöam prasadaya ||

Pulverize Kali, and punish his followers, my Hari;
purify the mind, place noble precepts therein, and give me the

vadirajayati proktam evam haryashtakam navam |
paöhan-nrisimha kripaya ripun-samharati kshaëat. || 9 ||

This prayer called Haryashtakam stated by the saint Shri Vadiraja;
upon reading the same one's enemies are destroyed instantly by Nrisimha's grace.

iti Shrimad vadiraja pujyacaraëa viracitam haryashöakam sampurëam

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