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Mar 13, 2011

Ahobilam Nava Narasimhar Temple - Pavana Narasimha

Paavana Narasimha Ahobilam

Pavana Narasimha Temple is situated on the bank of River Paavana, which is in the middle of the forest.
It is about 6km from upper ahobilam.

The Lord is seen with seven headed AdhiSesha above His head and with Senju Lakshmi on his lap.
MahaLakshmi Thayar took avatharam as Chenju Lakshmi in Vetuva kulam(Tribal group in nearby forest).
Local tribes visit this temple regularly and offer meat to this Lion God, as for them, Lord Narasimhar is their son-in-law :)
Ahobilam Pavana Narasimha

There is also a seperate cave temple for Senju Lakshmi.

SenjuLakshmi Thayar Ahobilam

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