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Dec 14, 2010

Ahobilam Nava Narasimhar Temple - Malola Narasimha Swamy

3. Malolan Lakshmi Narasimhar

Utsavamoorthi of Malola Narasirnha Swamy

  • Ma - Lakshmi , Lolan - beloved. Malolan - the one beloved to Lakshmi devi.  Lord here is seen in sowmya roopam with Lakshmi devi.
  • Malola Narasimhar Temple is about 100 steps to a side from Kroda. (Kroda is on the way (rightside) to Jwala). so in a stretch you can cover Ahobila, Jwala, (along with ugra stambam) Krodha, Malola and then back to Ahobila main temple (upper ahobilam).
  • History behind Malolan treated as special deity of worship by Ahobila Jeeyars:-
One day, Adhivan SatakopaJeeyar (the first jeeyar) had instructions from Narasimhar to travel with Him from village to village and to spread Vaishnavam.

Jeeyar, though was happy was not sure on which Nrushimha moorthy of ahobilam to be taken during his sanchaarams.

When the Jeeyar closed his eyes in dhyaanam, Malolan narasimhan appeared on Jeeyars hand with a most beautiful smile.

Also note that this malolan has a pathukai(sandal) on his right foot indicating that He is ready to travel with the Jeeyar. Without any doubt, this malolan has the most beautiful majestic smile and a wonderful sweet looking thayar. He sits on the centre of silver mantapam in a dolai with Adhiseshan over his head and Garudar at his sacred feet.

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