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Oct 5, 2010

Lakshmi Narasimha Haranahalli temple

This temple is in Karnataka, India. Nearest railway station is Arasikere. It is well connected by buses. Haranahalli is a small town situated about eight kilometers to the south of Arsikere on the main road leading towards Hassan. This town is called by various other names. While some people call it Haruvanahalli, the others refer to it as Hiriya Somanathapura. Haranahalli is well known for its beautiful temples, the prominent ones among them being the Kesava and the Someshvara temples that are renowned for the Hoysala style of architecture.

The Kesava temple (popularly known as Lakshmi Narasimha temple) is situated in the center of this old Hoysala town. The records reveal that three brothers -Peddanna Heggade, Somanna and Keshanna- obtained a free site from the natives and constructed the temple in 1234 AD. The Hoysala king Narasimha II bestowed the brothers with more acres of land later for the development of the temple.

Mallitamma, one of the best-known Hoysala sculptors of the 13th century, is the main sculptor of the Kesava temple. He is believed to have worked for the Nuggehalli, Hosaholalu and Somanathapura temples also.

The Chennakeshava temple is a State monument. This temple sits on a star shaped foundation & is very similar to the Belur temple. But the maintenance is bad. This picture was taken on 4,April, 2010. The renovation of the temple premises was going on.

Few more scultpures of haranahalli (mostly appears to be broken intentionally)

Felt a lot of pain on seeing the damanged condition of this lakshmi narasimha statue ...


  1. sir why do u say the sculpture of sri lakshmi nrusimha is PURPOSELY DAMAGED

  2. me too an ado-rant fan of sri nrusimha deva and all his nrusimha forms....thanks for sharing all these sir.....u can see some of my collections in fb sir

    this is my profile

  3. Hi Naren,
    I felt that it has been purposely damaged. I dont have any proof though.
    If it has not been purposely damaged, why only the face is affected?
    But, Without any proof who am I to say that?!
    Saw your facebook photo collection. Too good to see. thanks.

  4. I am from 'Bhadravathi' and there is also a Laxmi Narasimha temple of Hoysala architecture style. There also, in most of the sculptures, the face is damaged. Local people say that damage was done at the time of muslim invasion and some people say that was done by local shepherds for fun who had no idea of the importance of sculptures.

  5. ஆடி ஆடி அகம் கரைந்து, இசை பாடி பாடி கண்ணீர் மல்கி, எங்கும் நாடி நாடி நரசிங்காவென்று வாடி வாடி இவ்வாணுதலே-------swamy narasimhame namo namaha