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Sep 27, 2010

Nakha Stuti by Madhvacaryar (with meaning) / mp3

Shri Narasimha Nakha Stuti was written by Shripada Madhvacarya as an introduction to Shri Vayu Stuti which was written by Shri Pandit Trivikramacarya, a disciple of Madhvacarya. Up to the present time Vayu Stuti is one of the main stutis of those following in the line of Shrila Madhvacarya. It is chanted daily as a parayana. It was very much to the liking of Madhvacarya who therefore wrote this short stuti as an introduction.

pantvasman puruhutavairi balavanmatanga madyadghata
kumbhoccadri vipatanadhi kapatu pratyekavajrayitah /
Shrimat kanthiravasya pratatasunakhara daritaratidura
pradhvasta dhvatashanta pravitata manasa bhavita nakivrinda //

May the wide spread and auspicious nails of the lion-faced Lord, Narasimha who is in the company of His consort Lakshmi protect us. His nails are like thunderbolts and are highly skilled in tearing asunder the lofty mountain like heads of the herds of strong and intoxicated elephants in the forms of demons, the foes of Indra.

lakshmikanta samantato vikalayan naiveshitus te saman
pashyamyuttama vastu duratarato pastam rasoyo stumah /
yadrosotkara dakshanetra kutila prantotthitogni sphurat
khadyotopamavisphylinya bhasita brahmeshushakrot karah //

O consort of Lakshmi ! Although I've an all around study of the shastras I don't find anything equal to You, my dear master. There is nothing superior to You. Brahma, shiva, Indra and their hosts are reduced to ashes by the sparks of fire resembling sparkling glowworms issuing from the curved edge of Your right eye filled with masses of wrath.

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