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Sep 8, 2010

Madurai Yoga Narasimhar - Gaja Giri Kshetram (Yanaimalai Narasimhar Temple)

YanaiMalai Yoga Narasimhar (GajaGiri Kshetram)

A less known 5000 year old Narasimha temple at the foot of Yaanamalai Madurai

Thiru Mogur Kaalamegha Perumal makes his annual trip to this temple on Maasi Pournami to enact Gajendra Moksham episode

Located 8kms East of Madurai off the Melur Highway and 4kms North of the Thiru Mogur Kaalamegha Perumal Divya Desam at the foot of the huge Yaanaimalai (elephant hill) is the Yoga Narasimha temple in Narasingam (Y. Narasingam). This place is referred to as the Gaja Giri Kshetram and this temple is known as ‘Kodavarai Koil’ signifying the construction of the temple by breaking the huge piece of rock.

The Story

One story goes that during the Madurai Thiruvalaiyadal Puranam, Indra sent his elephant here to Madurai. At the end of the event, it is believed that they found a huge elephant in a sleeping posture. This is said to be the elephant rock we see today off the Madurai-Melur highway near Othakadai.

Another story relating to Yaanaimalai Narasimha is that Pulastiya Maharishi, the great grandfather of Lankan King Ravana is said to have undertaken penance at this place and had darshan of Lord Narasimha.

Romasa Maha Rishi’s Penance

A third story relates to Romasa Rishi.

Not having a child, Romasa Maha Rishi approached Sage Narada, who asked him to bathe in the Sakkara Theertha and undertake penance at Padma Thadagam, a place filled completely with flowers. He performed a Sathra Maha Yagna to invoke the blessings of Lord Narasimha , who pleased with his prayers appeared before in a Gigantic form in an Ugra Kolam.

Worried about the presence of Narasimha in this ‘hot’ form, the Devas went to Brahmma for solution. Brahmma transformed Shiva into a Saraba form. This Saraba Pakshi had Brahmma as the head, Surya and Chandra as the eyes and small boys as the legs. However, Narasimha refused to be cooled down, in fact his anger grew after seeing this form, leaving the Devas running for protection. They invited Prahalada to come to this place to try and cool down Lord Narasimha.

Finally the story goes that it was the presence of Goddess Lakshmi that cooled Narasimha down and the two of them are said to have blessed Romasi Rishi with a child.

Varada Narasimha, the Utsavar, is seen in a standing posture with a Lion shaped face and a mace in his left hand, not seen elsewhere.

othakadai b Sri Yoga Narasimmhar Temple   Othakadai
MahaLakshmi Thayar - YanaiMalai Madurai

Swathi Thirumanjanam
Prathosham Thirumanjanam

Once a year, on Maasi Pournami day, Kalamegha Perumal of Thiru Mogur Divya Desam makes a trip to the Yoga Narasimha temple here in Y.Narasingam. Gajendra Moksham episode is enacted here.
On this day, an oil Abhishekam is performed on Lord Narasimha
Quick Facts

Moolavar : Yoga Narasimha in a Ugra Kolam
Goddess : Narasinga Valli Thaayar(Separate Sannidhi)
Temple Time: 7am-12noon and 4pm-8npm
Contact : V.K. Ramesh Bhattar @ 9486468780 or 0452 2422750
P. Rajagopal Bhattar @ 98654 88821 or 0452 2422158

How to reach
Mini buses every 10mts from Othakkadai
Auto from Matuthavani bus stand will cost Rs. 50-60/-
Auto from Madurai Railway Station will cost Rs. 150/-


  1. Thanks for this information. I visited Thiru Moghur on the vaikunda ekadesi day.Had I known earlier, I would have gone to seek his blessings.

  2. Many thanks for info about this temple; Hope information about other temples such as this are also placed in blogspots or public domain by others who have access to such information about history of temples through word of mouth or through elderly members in the families.

  3. The contact number of ramesh bhatter is 9486468780