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Dec 7, 2017

Sri Narasimha Darshanam 11-Koppar

Koppar Narasimha Salagram

Sri Vruksharoopi Narasimha Swamy Temple,Koppar

You will remember when Hiranya Kasipu asked Bhaktha Prahalada where is your
Sriman Narayana , Instantly without even battering an eyelid Prahalada told GOD is
Present everywhere. then Hiranya Kasipu asked whether he is there in this pillar,
Prahalada told yes. To protect his Bhakta's word Our Lord emerged from the pillar in
Narasimha Avatara and did Samhara of Hiranya Kasipu Now after drawing a parallel
instance now we are taking to a Kshetra where Lord Narasimha is present in the
tree, yes God is omni present, Yes this Sacred place is KOPPAR in Raichur district of

In Karnataka itself lot of Narasimha temples are there but the one at
Koppar is rare and one and only of its kind . This temple is situated in in picturesque
serene atmosphere amidst of river Krishna . Koppar is 64.5 Kms from Raichur a
Railway Junction on South Western Railways.

Sthala Purana:
The scene is 5th century , spot is thick jungle on Banks of river Krishna a descendent
of sage Brighu Maha Rishi ( Due to him only we got Lord Srinivasa amongst us in
Thirupathi). Sage Karpara is doing Agora Tapasya. Our Karuna Moorthy Lord Lakshmi
Narasimha appeared before him and showered his blessings of supreme Knowledge
and and also granted him lots of boon. Then also told him henceforth this place will
be known as Karpara Sri Narasimha Kshetram and it will attract lot of Devotees.

Source Sky Asuri shutterfly

Koppara Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

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