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Jan 31, 2017

Perumal Avirbhavam during Sri Swami's Swati Yag~nam contd..

PerumaL reveals to us that HE is indeed a sapOtamivakEsari. Just as there are good people and dEvatAs thronging the environs of the Yag~na vatica, dhur dEvatAs and dhur narans also hang around trying to disrupt the proceedings. HE gets very fierce under such situations and starts enacting HIS simha nadai. On the other hand, HE himself goes near HIS bhaktAs and blesses them. The following picture shows this very clearly.

During the Nangainallur Yag~nam , the temple cow gave birth to a calf on a Friday. During the Avirbhavam of MATTAPALLY EMBERUMAN at the time of Homam, the LORD revealed that there was a very devoted monkey at Mattapally which used to take bath at Krishnaveni, come to the temple and offer a fruit daily at the Sannidhi of Mattapallynathan in front of the cave every day, perform a KUTTIKARANAM, and do a pradakshina of the temple. The same monkey had passed away at Mattapally and is now born as the calf in Nanganallur temple. The LORD also revealed that after this birth the soul would reach HIM and that there would be no more rebirths for the soul !
When Swami was performing POORNAAHUTI the LORD again manifested and ordered that the calf (which was named as RAJYA LAKSHMI at LORD'S BEHEST), be brought to HIM so that HE COULD BLESS IT with HIS OWN HANDS and HE placed the POORNAAHUTI Bundle on the calf's forehead !.
Following is a snapshot of HIM enacting hiranyavadham. This took place during a yag~nam at Sri Sundar Rangachari's residence.

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