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Jul 19, 2015

Beauty of our Malolan

Ma - Lakshmi , Lolan - beloved. Malolan - the one beloved to Lakshmi devi.  Ahobila Malola Swamy is seen in sowmya roopam with Sri Lakshmi ma.

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Parabrahmaney namaha:

It is a very interesting and unique picture of Sri Malolan of Sri Ahobila mutt, we can see the right hand of Sri Mahalakshmi holding on to Malolan

We thank, Sri Madhavan, sri Mutt sanadhi kainkaryaparar of this amazing pic :)

Jul 10, 2015

Narasimhar with Baktan

hand full and heart full of Sri NRUSIMHA

Sri Ramayan - Ramanand Sagar - Playlist.

I missed to watch Ramayan during my childhood days, now Im enjoying it with my kid.. This playlist has all parts of it with subtitles...  please show it to your kids/grandchildren and let them enjoy too...