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Oct 2, 2014


An article written by a devotee of Sri Mudigere Yoga Narasimha Swamy.

We are devotees of Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy of Mudigere, Hassan Dist. It happens to be our Family Deity too. From my childhood I have been listening to people say that Sri Yoga Bhoga Narasimha Swamy of Mudigere gets angry very soon, he doesn't tolerate misconducts, etc. But along with that, I have also heard many people tell how he has solved their problems, how he has helped them out in the toughest of situations, how the problems that seemed like a mountain got resolved instantly when prayed at Mudigere.

During my high school days, (probably around 10years back), my eyes used to water continuously. People used to think by seeing the tears that I'm crying. It was a matter of embarrassment for me where ever I went. Seeing this, my parents decided to take me to an eye specialist. There is a very good eye care clinic in Jayanagar 4th block, Bangalore. The doctor there tested me and diagnosed that the duct between the eye and nose (which is the passage through which the excess tears formed at eye passes on to the nose and hence helps keep the eye moisturized with fresh tears always) had got blocked. To remove the block and make the passage clean, the doctor advised a 3-course injection that will be injected directly into the duct in the eyes.

We agreed and took the course of injections, tolerating the pain. The watering of eyes used to stop after getting injected and would again start after few days. The doctor said that the duct is getting blocked because of the dust and pollution and there is no permanent solution other than to take the injection. Each time my eyes started watering, I used to go to the doctor and take the injection. Fed up with this, my mother prayed to Sri Yoga Bhoga Narasimha Swamy of Mudigere asking him to cure the problem with my eyes and she also prayed that, if the problem gets solved, we will donate a pair of silver eyes to the deity. Few days after she prayed for the cure, we went to Mudigere to get the abhishekam done for the lord. After the manje kaapu for the lord, my mother specifically asked Sridhar mama (the chief priest of Mudigere temple) to give the turmeric that has been put on the deity’s eyes. (Manje kaapu or turmeric alankaram is very famous and auspicious in this temple. Please view the albums for photos of the lord in manje kaapu alankaram). Taking that turmeric, we returned to our home in Bangalore.

Every night before sleeping I used to make a thin paste of that turmeric, apply it on my eyes and sleep. Probably I did this for a week or so. Surprisingly, the problem started reducing gradually from the second day onwards and it completely got cured within a week. During this course, I did not go to the doctor nor got injected. The only medicine I applied was the turmeric that was taken from the deity’s eyes. After this, we went to the temple again, took the measurement of the deity’s eyes and offered a pair of silver eyes as prayed. And I’m happy to say that, since then, till today, I have not faced that problem ever again.

Thanks to Lord Yoga Bhoga Narasimha of Mudigere for curing the problem with my eyes. I’m concluding this experience by praying to the lord of the lords.

Rajadhi rajaya Prasahya Sahine
Namo Vayam Vai Sravanaya Kurmahe
Samekaman Kama Kamaya mahyam
Kamesvaro Vai Sravano dadatu
Kuberaya Vai Sravanaya
Maha rajaya Namah.

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