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Jun 28, 2014

An article from TheHindu "Celebration at Mattapalli"

Yagna vatika
Sri Mattapalli Yagna Vatika

Mukkur Swamy
Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariyar Swamigal
Sri Mattapallinathan.
Sri RajyaLakshmi Samthe Mattapalli Nathan

Sri Mattapalli nivasaya Mathurananda Roopinae
Mahayagnaswaroopaya Nrisimhaya Mangalam
Mattapalli Mangalashtakam begins thus and the composer Mukkur Sri Lakshminarasimhacharyar’s mission was to spread the greatness of the deity of the small town in Andhra Pradesh. He wanted people to visit the place in Telengana and benefit from the grace of the lion-faced deity, whose consort is Sri Rajyalakshmi.
Ordained to perform 108 yagnas on the day of Swati, Sri Mukkur performed them overcoming challenges, each highlighting the unswerving devotion he had for Nrisimha. The venues lay across the country from Mangalagiri to Naimisaranyam. The yagnam, performed for global welfare brought together devotees from different backgrounds referred to as the Swati Yagna kutumbam.
After his demise, Sri Swati Narasimha Maha Yagna Trust, has continued conducting yagnas and celebrating occasions at Mattapalli.
Life size image
For devotees visiting Mattapalli, yagna vatika has been constructed. A life size image of Sri Mukkur has been installed there. Yagnamurti, the Nrsimha image, worshipped by Sri Mukkur takes centre stage here. The number 32 is sacredly associated with Lord Narasimha, an aspect taken into account when any event is conducted. Led by Sri Srinivasan, son of Sri Mukkur, Sri Mattapalli Mangalashtakam is being chanted 32,000 times. The endeavour is nearing completion.
The 70 tirunakshatram of Sri Mukkur Lakshminarasimhachariyar Swamy is being celebrated from June 10, at Mattapalli Mahakshetram. The event is on till July 13. Swamy’s tirunakshatram, Aani Pooradam, falls on July 12. The month-long celebration includes Veda parayanam, Divyaprabandham, trikala pujas, dolotsavam, rendering of devotionals and Thadeeyaradhanam.
Contributions in the form of cheque/Demand draft, drawn in favour of Sri Swathi Narasimha Maha Yagna Trust, may be sent to New No. 34, (Old No, 24), Venkatesan Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017. For details contact 9444909132/9445053478 and 9940085569. Email:

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