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Oct 9, 2012

Sri Narasimha Nama Mantra Japa Yogam - Part2 - Article by Sri K.S. Narayanan


  1. The article has not been posted on yet, I wonder how you had access to this part 2. But nonetheless its very good article by K S Narayan. He is beginning to grow in me just like Kumudam Jothidam A.M.R :)

    1. Dear Sri Kreshna,

      Part 2 of the article titled Narasimha Nama Mantra Japa Yogam was also sent to Anudinam.Org with a request to publish it in their portal but the article was not published [while sending Part 1 to them I had informed them that this is series of article which is likely to continue for several months]; my repeated email requests to publish part 2 did not yield any result, not even acknowledged my emails; hence I approached Srimati Padmavathy [murpriya] and my request was considered immediately; henceforth series of this article will be posted here. Thanks for complimenting me but my thought-flow cannot, anyday, match the script of Sri AMR, who is also my manaseka Guru in Astrology. While I was struggling for my life due to cancer, I was directed and shown a new lease of life and path in swapnam by Sri LakshmiNarasimha; from that day onwards I have dedicated my life in Sri Narasimha Seva. HIS grace sparked my thought-flow which took shape as an article and Sri Suka Brahma Maharishi is also guiding me in each and every step and efforts.


  2. Thank you K S Narayanan sir for continuing to write this series and thank you murpriya for uploading this in PDF format.
    This articles now can be printed. Ms Priya please continue to upload all K S Narayanan Sir's article in PDF format, thank you again.