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Oct 4, 2012

Sri Narasimha Nama Mantra Japa Yogam - Part1 - Article by Sri K.S. Narayanan

Another wonderful article by Sri K.S.Narayanan which got published in anudinam


  1. i was wondering how to start japam i feel i'm enlightened with this message.thanks a lot for this katturai.

    1. I too felt "oh yeah, now i have some clue" :) Thanks to Sri K.S.Narayanan.

  2. Every time I visit your blog, my faith grows. Divine Messages come to me by some form or other. Today Swamin's KSN article is another eye opener.

    My previous divine message was from him, when Sri KSN was articulating the importance of 108 gayathri japam every day( all the 3 times in a day) and I started to religiously practice the same. I have also started to chant MRS 32 times every day.

    Thanks a lot for taking time and effort to publish the same

    1. Thanks sir. I have posted part2 of this article. Please take a look.
      I'm also trying recite MantraRajaPatham 32 times daily.
      Wow, it feels so good to be with HIM mentally :)

  3. Great to go through Swamin's article. My heartfelt thanks to him and also to you.

    These days I am flooded with INFO on LORD NRISIMHA and the pace of information flow is mind-boggling.

    The Mantra raja pada chanting what started with 32 times has become a routine and I want it to continue every day for the rest of my life. I know it is difficult but once a routine is set and with HIS blessings, there should not be any break

    Here again Sri KSN swamin is responsible.

    Thanks for the article

    1. Sri Cheeku

      I have not done anything great; even if I endeavour my best, for understanding Vedas, Vedanta, Vedanga and Agamas, in my life span, may be just less than 1% only I can complete; that much of knowledge and wisdom we have as treasure trove. I am not sure even in my present birth, whether I'll be able to understand a fraction of the grandeur of Sri Narasimha. Most of us missed the vedic path of life handed down to us by our great Maharishis and now all our efforts is centered around money, power, wealth, position, luxury and pomps. These are the tools to set our life in proper direction but they cannot define our life; there is no end to craving; even if few thousands of people out of hundreds of millions are able to follow the divine path by reading not only my articles, but the Vedas, Upanishads, Agamas, Puranas, Dharma Sastra, we will realise the importance of human birth, a rarest opportunity given to us by the Almighty. As a direction post, my endeavour will continue till my last breath. i.e. the direction post is stationery, but only the travelers reach the destination.


  4. Sri KSN Swamin,

    If you say, you have not done anything great, what we poor mortals can talk. Your article provides us many things , amongst the way the way we have do a JAPAM.

    I am Indeed happy to have a RUCHI in these subjects which itself is HIS blessings. The Tipping point for me was only KURAI ONRUM ILLAI by SRI SS.

    Seek HIS blessings to continue my thoughts on HIM FOCUSSED and get enlightenment from your articles.


    Srikanth Venkatesan