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Sep 30, 2012

Sri Krishna Wallpaper 2

From Srimath Bagavatham:-

A fruit seller came with basket of fruits to Krishnas house. Krishna took some grains in His lotus hands and hastily ran to barter with the fruit  vendor. With great affection the woman filled Krishna's palms with fruits, and Krishna, in turn, filled her whole basket with jewels and gold.
Anything offered to Krishna with love and affection, Krishna can reciprocate many millions of times over, both materially and spiritually. The basic principle involved is an  exchange of love

Krishna with Fruit seller

from Bhagavatham canto10
(10) 'O people all around, get your fruits!', thus Krishna heard a fruit vendor calling out, and quickly grabbing some paddy went the Infallible One, the Bestower of all Fruits, over there to buy fruit. (11) What He had to offer had fallen from the palms of His hands, but the fruit lady filled them [nevertheless] with fruits. In exchange was the entire basket of fruits filled with gold and jewels!

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