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Aug 20, 2012

Origin of Sri Mattapalli MangaLAshtakam

A Narasimha Bakta -  cheeku has shared these details with us. 

Origin of Sri Mattapalli MangaLAshtakam

Those who have attended at least one of the 107+++ Maha Narasimha Maha Yag~nams conducted by Sri Mukkur Swamy would be aware that even He does not know two things prior: duration and cost. This is because Sri Swamy's each and every step ,be it during yag~nam or otherwise, is according to HIS sankalpam. As if to test Sri Swami's patience and conviction PerumaL gives new instructions through HIS AvirbhAvam on Sri Mukkur Swamy.

Just as in any other yag~nam, PerumaL made the Maha Yag~nam at Sri Mattapalli much more elaborate than anticipated What was supposed to be completed in a few days took weeks. Consequently, Sri Swami was short of funds to give sambavanai at the end. Not (actually Fully) knowing how to proceed, Sri Swami went into the sanctum sanctorum of Sri RajayaLakshmi SamEdha Mattapally Naadhan, sat in front of him and started praying. Hours vanished by and Sri Swamy was still inside with tears rolling down his cheeks. Just as perumAL guided Sri Swami to compile Sri MalOla panchakam when he was bereaving the loss of his dear mother, HE blessed him now to compile Sri Mattapally MangaLashtakam. Sri Swamy was reciting this slOkam again and again.

Meanwhile, Sri Sridharachar who assists Sri Swamy, received a call from an unknown bhAgavatA. The caller had come to Vijayawada (130 Km from Sri Mattapally) and wanted to attend the yag~nam. Sridharachar provided him the route with instructions to come ASAP since the Nrusimha kudumbam was planning to leave that evening for Madras. The bhAgavatA reached Mattapally in the next 3 hours and Sri Swamy was still inside the cave repeatedly reciting the mangaLashtakam.

With due permission, the bhAgavatA went close to Sri Swamy paid his obeisance. As a humble tribute to Sri Swami's yag~nam for lOka Kshemam, he gave his samarpaNam in a briefcase. Swamy accepted it and, as always, thanked, blessed and gave him hOma prasadham and requested the bhAgavatA to have food before leaving. The bhAgavatA had to leave immediately and so Swamy gave him permission half heartedly.

An hour after the bhAgavatA left, Sri Swami opened the briefcase. He was amazed. The suitcase had bundles and bundles of hard cash - the very same cash that Sri Swamy was hoping to give as sambAvanai to all the ritviks. Sri Swamy spent a few more hours inside the cave, reciting mangaLashtakam thanking HIM for HIS kArunyam.

Nobody in the yag~na kudumbam had seen the bhAgavatA before or again after this incident. It is HIM and HIM alone who tested Sri Swami's conviction, made him compose and recite MangaLashtakam and then answered his call in mortal form.

Sri Mattapally PerumAL himself stresses the significance of this mangaLashtakam repeatedly. In fact, HE himself had given upanyAsam's on two different occassions at Venus Colony, Madras. 

(The above incident was told to my father by Sri Sridharachar).



  1. He is definitely the incarnation of a great sage who did sadhana on Nrusimha, probable Bharadwaja Muni's disciple. My hypothesis is that he will come back and just do the last yagnam and quickly go back to the lord.

  2. I echo your thoughts. It is still a mystery why he could not perform the 108th yagyam .

    I too believe your hypothesis.

    We should be part of that yagyam is only wish

  3. Yes, He should come back for the welfare of our society.
    Atleast during his next visit to earth, we should do wholehearted service to him and then reach the almighty. Please bless us Narasimha.