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Feb 29, 2012


Burn Narasimha burn, my adversaries, with thy unbearable power

‘Sri Nrusimha Stuti’ is good for daily parayana as a prayer. This I am
writing with personal experience.

In 1968 I took a friend of mine to Pandit Mahuli Gopalacharya. My
friend was haunted by the spirit of his beloved who had married some one
else and had died after the first delivery of a child. She used to visit him
in his dreams and used to give him amorous pleasures. Initially he liked
the romance in the dreams which he had missed in reality. But, later, this
pleasure was short lived as it told on his health. He was bedridden and
doctors could neither diagnose nor treat his strange ailment. When he disclosed
the truth to me, I took him to Pandit Gopalacharya. He initiated  Sri Narasimha
mantra to him. Later he was cured completely.

Pandit Gopalacharya narrated the story of a cook in the Uttaradi Mutt
when he was studying under Shri Shri Satyadhyana Teertha Swamiji. The
cook had robust health. He could lift heavy weight in the kitchen. Later
he become  so weak that he could not lift even a small pitcher. The reason
was that he was haunted by an evil spirit. He had amorous pleasures, not
in the dreams, but during the waking hours. He was physically lifted away
from this room by the spirit. Pandit Gopalacharya gave him the Sri Nrusimha
Mantra and he recovered from the suffering.

There are many instances which I know where the recitation of this stuti
has brought wonderful results. My son, a Software engineer was posted to
Pakistan for a brief period. He could face the odd situation and return safely
because of the power he got through the  parayana of Sri Nrusimhastuti.
My friend Prof. John gave a copy to a civil servant who was haunted by
the spirit of the first wife. He read the English translation and got rid of
the trouble. A medical student was scared by the dead bodies during the
practical work. She got relief after reading the stuti in translation. I wrote
an article about this in Karnataka Malla, a Kannada daily from Bombay.
Many of my friends, students came to me and all the copies of Nrusimha
stuti were exhausted.

I hope that this revised new edition will reach many more devotees. Sri
Nrusimha stuti and Vayu stuti are ideal gifts which can be given to the near
and dear ones

- G. V. K

Please visit
its a web resource on Life and teachings of Shri Madhavachariya
It has many great works like Narasimha stuti, Vayustuti...

Thanks to our friend Rishi for referring this site.

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