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Apr 16, 2011

Keelapavoor Narasimhar, Thirunelveli

Keelapavoor Ugra Narasimhar , Alangulam, Thirunalveli, TN

In the following article Sri. A.M.Rajagopalan has requested us to donate to Keelapavoor Narasimhar Temple. 
Let us do that and get Narasimhars blessing.

Mr.Anand Kurukkal of the temple is the in charge for the complete renovation work. His personal request can be seen from

Renovation in progress

Article from Dinamalar


  1. Jai Narasimmah.... Om Namo Narayanaya Potri

  2. about shiva temple near this
    here lord Shiva was worshipped by Vali the king of Kishkindha