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Mar 9, 2011

A wonderful Narasimha sloka from Srimad-Bhagavatham

om namo bhagavate narasimhaya
namas tejas-tejase avir-avirbhava
vajra-nakha vajra-damshöra karmasayan /
randhaya randhaya tamo grasa grasa om svaha
abhayam abhayam atmani bhuyishöha om kshraum //

I offer my respectful obeisance unto Lord Nrisimhadeva, the source of all power. O my Lord who possesses nails and teeth just like thunderbolts, kindly vanquish our demoniac desires for fruitive activity in the material world. Please appear in our hearts and drive away our ignorance, so that by Your mercy we may become fearless in the struggle for existance in this material world (5.18.8).

evam sva-karma-patitam bhava-vaitaraëyam
anyonya-janma-maraëashana-bhita-bhitam /
pashyan janam sva-para-vigraha-vaira-maitram
hanteti paracara piprihi mudham adya //

My dear Lord, You are always transcendentally situated on the other side of the river of death, but because of the reactions of our own activities, we are suffering on this side. Indeed, we have fallen into this river and are repeatedly suffering the pains of birth and death and eating horrible things. Now kindly look upon us-not only upon me but also upon all others who are suffering-and by Your causeless mercy and compassion, deliver us and maintain us (7.9.41).

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