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Jan 24, 2011

Narasimha is Narayana and Sadashiva (from one of indiadivine pages)

Found this in indiadevine site( ) , and I loved reading it.

Wish to share the same.

Narasimha is Narayana and Sadashiva

Problem is that many people hassnt understood "Narasimhadeva". Narasimhadeva has no begginning or end. He is Original "Narayana". He is source of all avatars. He is source of heat of the sun and keeping cool laxmi maa (parashakti) on his chest/lap. He has nine planets in his divine face. All panch buthas are at his feet. All gods do their job by his fear or bakthi towards him.

He is keeping yoga-maya as his illusinory energy. He is the aadi omkara jwala. He is Narayana. All mantras, tantras, sastras, weapons come from him and surrender within him. He generated Maha-Sudarshana Chakra from it all gods got their weapons. He controls the time thru his kala-chakra. (behind every sudarsha chakra shrine you can see narasimha sitting). He ends everything thru his third eye at end of kalpa. At that time he himself is Sada-shiva or mahaa-kalaa. For Vaishnavas he gives his divine darshan thru his divine Vasudeva form. For Shaivas [rudras followers (not pseudo-shaivas)] or Siddas or Rishis he gives watever powers they ask by giving darshan in form of divine aadi-jyoti.
They worship him in form of Linga. He is the one who resides within each linga. Rudra represents our body. Linga represents our aatma.
Inside our aatma "narasimha" resides as aatma-jyothi. In all shiva temples you can see rudra outside as urchava, since hes outside the linga. Inside linga it is "Narasimha - the param jyoti" residing. Whenever siddhas enjoy bliss of this jyoti they dance with joy. Since this dance is divine, this dance is taken as form of worship. Rudra being a chief of all siddhas dances in this way so hes called nataraja. Dance is called bharatanatyam. During shivarathri siddhas (including rudra) realises this parama-jyoti. So special Worship is done at siddha pittas, rudra temples and shiva-lingas as parama-jyoti is residing inside the linga (aatma).
The above truth is beautifully illustrated by Madhvacharya. Shivarathri are celebreated by Madhvas also. Pradhosam is celebreated in all great Narasimha temples.

At Pradosham time Narashima gave darshan to everyone. At this time he accepts all prayers of devas, rudra, brahma and gurus. So at pradosham time, in shiva temples only nandi is collecting prayer from us as rudra is busy in worshippine narasimha (eventhough shaivatees will say something reverse).
When Rudra tells in his Gita that Sada-Siva is supreme, he is actually referring Narayana(Narasimha). Since Gita told by Rudra (in padma purana) may create confusion, all acharyas took "Bhagavath Gita" told by Lord Krishna (narasimha himself) as authorotative. Read Narasimha Upanishads, Narashima Sahasranama and Narasihma Purana. There everything explained clearly.
Also Read Sri Vedantha Desikars commentary about Narasimhadeva. he clearly explains above. Also Nammalwar told It is Narasimha residing everywhere. Even in Vishnu Sahasranama it is Narasimha pointed out at many times. It is narasimha praised as Sadashiva in "shiva sahasranama". All Gods have praised stotras in praise of Narashima. Even Narasimhas own avatars have worshipped and praised Narasimhadeva. So whenever someone tells Rama/krishna worshipped linga then it shuold be understood that they worshiiped Narasimha thru linga. Worshpiing Narasimha in form of linga is very ancient method as its easy to make a linga than sculpting his divine form. Only after people gained mastery over crafts they started sculpting narasimha and his divine forms. Both Madhvacharya and Vedantha desikar had told that when narasimha killed hiranyakashipu, blood of hiranya was consumed by narasimadeva to wash off his sins(as requested by prahlada alwar), [in narasimha temples panaga representing blood is given as prasada to narasimhadeva]. hiranyas hide(skin) was worn by virabadra, hiranyas head is accepted by Kaalidevi, hiranyas soul is given to saraba(death ie., rudra) who made sure that this aatma will born again according to its karma. Even death(saraba) is controlled by Narasimha only.
Narsimhadeva's anger was calmed down by Prahladalwar's prayers (as God stoops down to devotees pure prayers, he cant be controlled thru ahankara). But shivapurana being tamasic it illustrates everything as reverse just as kaali devotees wrongly tell as though kaali defeated rudra (but actually rudra defeated kaali). It is Narasimhadeva standing in his divine form as "Venkateswara" in Tirumala as to his devotees as he always gives darshan thru his divine Vasudeva form. Since Vaishnavas are soft-hearted Narasimha always gives darshan in form of divine Vasudeva form. Thats why worshppinh Narasimha in form of Vasudeva, Rama, krishna is much more prevalent than form of Narasimha himself. Om Namo Narayanaya.


  1. Don't know why you people fight for Shiva and Vishnu,
    did they ever fight each other?
    only you innocent people fight each other on their name.
    God is one, if you like to see him/her as Vishnu, Great continue with your Love, worship and dedication to wards the god as Vishnu, why do you fight with Shaiva's or Shaktha's.

    It's pure innocence if you fight.

    Add gods, including Jesus, Allah...
    everyone says, Love the people around you and see the god in them as well as in you. If you cannot understand that and fight between yourself, I'm sure whatever your God is, he/she won't love and bless you.

    Vishnu not only Loves you, he loves, Shaiva's, Shaktha's, Christians, Muslims.
    lol he even loves Animals, birds, trees, all the living creatures.
    The God is one, you see him in one form and I see in one form.

  2. :) who wants to fight for this. Not me.

    God must be one for all. I like Him in the form of Narasimhar. Thats all.

    As you say God loves us all.
    Lets try to love all things God has created.


  3. God must be one for all. I like Him in the form of Narasimhar. Thats all. \\

    very nice & true words:)

  4. bitter the truth but better the truth...Narasimha is param dhaiva
    param dhama
    param jyothi

  5. Even Shankara says "Mrityoho mrityum namamyaham" in praise of Narasimha swamy in the mantra raja pada stotram. This refers to Narasimha as the one who gives death to death himself!