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Dec 7, 2010

Shree Suktham with Meaning, PDF

Requesting Jadhaveda (Lakshmi Pathi , Narasimha ) for Lakshmi Kadaksham

Sri Amruthavalli Thayar, Ahobilam

hiraNyavarNaam hariNeem suvarNa rajatasrajaam |
candraam hiraNmayeem lakshmeem jaatavedo ma aavaha ||1

O Agni dev ( O Jaat ved),
Of the form of gold (hiranya varnaa),
Of yellow / turmeric colour (harini),
Wearing rosary of gold and silver lotus flowers (suvarna rajat srajaam)
Giver of bliss to all beings (chandraam)
Of the form of deer / doe (hiranya-mayim)
Bring that Lakshmi who fulfils all desired wishes (Jaat vedo ma aavaha) || 1 ||

May this Divine consort of Yours with the golden hue saluted as CandrA, HiraNmayee, HariNee and Lakshmee become accessible to adiyEn with Your intervention!

taam ma aavaha jaatavedo lakshmeemanapa gaamineem: |
yasyaam hiraNyam vindeyam gaamaSvam purushaanaham: ||2||

O Agni dev ( O Jaat ved),
Call and bring to me that indestructible Lakshmi Devi (an-pagaa-mini)
By whose (Yasyaam)
Substance (Substance)
Is obtained (Vindeyam)
Men & Women (Purushaanaham)
By calling that Lakshmi Devi, may I become possessor of gold, cow, horse, children, friends,

The prayer is: "Jaata vEdO! taam anapagaamineem lakshmeem ma Avaha!" Please make it possible for Her to appear before adiyEn and sit near adiyEn to receive adiyEn’s ArAdhanam and listen to adiyEn’s prayerful request for being blessed with all types of aiswaryams.

aSvapoorvaam rathamadhyaam hastinaadaprabodineem|
Sriyam deveem upahvaye SrImaa devee jushataam: || 3 ||

Seated in the middle of the chariot (ratha madhyaam) of horses in the front (aSva-purvaam) making proclamations by the trumpets of elephants (hasti naad prabodhinim)
I call for luminous devine Lakshmi That Lakshmi may tend to me || 3 |
Upahvaye- I invoke

kaam sosmitaam hiraNyapraakaaraam
aardraam jvalanteem trptaam tarpayanteem
padme sthitaam padmavarNaam
tvamihopahvaye Sriyam: || 4|

Of the subject in speech and mind (kaam)
Of form beyond description by speech – form of Brahm
Of mild smile (aa-smeetaa)
Of the form of deer / doe (hiranya- praakaaraa)
Of light complexion (aardhraam)
Luminous (jvalantim)
Fulfiller of desires (trup-taam)
Fulfiller of devotees’ desired goals (tarpa-yantim)
Seated on Lotus (padma-sthitaam)
Of the form of lotus (padma-varanaam)
That (taam)
Lakshmi (Sriyam)
Near me (Iha)
I do call (Up-havaye)

She is the embodiment of Bliss. She is the goal for all, who want to climb out of the ditch of SamsAram. She is the One, who listens to all those appeals with a smiling face and responds. She resides in the palace with golden ramparts and has a cool heart full of divine compassion for the suffering jeevans.
She fills the world with radiance through Her JyOthir-maya ThirumEni. She is immensely pleased even with the slightest amount of Kaimkaryam and grants huge boons desired by Her devotees ranging from worldly wealth, Kaivalyam and Moksham. She sits on a lotus, whose petals match Her hue and softness. adiyEn
prays to this most compassionate Sri Devi known for the ease of approach to Her by the suffering Jeevans. adiyEn prays for Her to be near me.

candraam prabhaasaam yaSasaa jvalanteem
Sriyam loke devajushTaamudaaraam:
taam padmanEmeem SaraNamaham prapadye
alakshmeer me naSyataam tvaam vrNe || 5

Luminous like the Moon (Chandraam)
Of the form of (pra-bhaasaam)
Shining bright with success / fame (yash-saa jvalantim)
Prayed by Indra and devas (dev jushtaam)
Benevolent form
Of the form of Lotus (padminim)
Desirous (Ee)
That (taam) Lakshmi
I take refuge of (sharanam aham pra-padhye)
May my a-Lakshmi (poverty) be destroyed (a-Lakshmir-me nashyataam)

May She out of Her infinite compassion drive away all the
obstacles and amangaLams (alakshmi) standing in the way of gaining the desired
PurushArthams! May She chase away all my sins quickly! adiyEn prays to Her as
my caring Mother to fulfill my desires! "tamm padmanEmeem SaraNamaham
prapadyE, alakshmeer mE naSyatAm" is the prayer of the Jeevan here.
aadityavarNe tapaso adhi jaato
vanaspatistava vrksho atha bilva:
tasya phalaani tapasaa nudantu
maayaantaraayaaSca baahyaa alakshmee: ||6|

Of the form of Surya – Sun (aaditya-varane)
From the effect of your penance came the tree Bilva (tapaso adhim jaato vanas-pati stava
vruksho bilva-ha)
May the fruits of Bilva destroy the a-Lakshmi (poverty) within and without me (tasya falaani tapasaa nudantu maayaa antaraa yaas-cha baahyaa a-Lakshmi-hi)

upaitu maam devasakha: keertiSca maNinaa saha
raadurbhUto asmi raashTresmin keertim rddhim dadaatu mE  || 7

Kuber (Keeper deity of Wealth)(Dev-sakhaa-haa)
Daughter of Daksha (Kirti)
Together with the lot of foremost Chintaa-mani
2 and jewels (mani naa saha)
May come to me (Maam Upeitu)
Where I am born in this country (aham asmin raashtre praa-dur bhoot-ha)
Give me fame and wealth (kirtim rudhim dadaatu me)

Oh Lakshmi! Please make it possible for the friend of the eternally liberated souls (nithya sooris), Your Lord, arrive near adiyEn. adiyEn should be blessed to have the aisvaryam of praise worthy fame and gems as well as other forms of wealth. Since adiyEn has taken birth in the kingdom that is favored by You, You must bless me with abundant wealth of every kind.

kshutpipaasaamalaam jyeshThaam
alakshmeem naaSayaamyaham:
abhUtim asamrddhim ca
sarvaan nirNuda mE grhaat 8

The initial meeting of hunger and thirst (kshutpi-paasa-amlaa)
By older (Jyeshtha) A-lakshmi (poverty) sister
I am destroying (aham naash-yaami)
Non possession (a-sampati) non-wealth (a-samrudhi) all together
Remove from my home (ma gruhaad nir-nad)

Oh SrI Devi! May adiyEn be empowered by You to be free from sufferings caused by hunger, thirst, desire for sensual pleasures and all other amangaLams (inauspiciousness) associated with JyEshtai (the one who arose out of the milky ocean before You)! Oh Lakshmi! Please chase away all enemies that stand in the way of growth in my prosperity (wealth, grains, servants) from my house! The prayer here is "abhUthim sarvAm asamrddhim ca mE grhAt nirNuda".

gandhadvaaraam duraadharshaam nityapushTaam kareeshiNeem
Isvareem sarvabhUtaanaam taamihopahvaye Sriyam: 9

Of the attribute of fragrance (gandh dvaaraa)
Un-defeatable (duraa dharshaa)
Always satisfied with food (nitya pushtaam)
With plenty of animals
The regulator chief of all beings (sarva bhootaanaam isvarim)
That Lakshmi (taam Sriyam)
I invite here (iha up-havaye)

Oh Sri Devi! You are worshipped well with fragrant sandal paste, incense and all other ParimaLams as poojA dhravyams. You bless your devotees with lasting fame. You are easy to approach by those with pure hearts. You are paripoorNaanugraha dhAyee with never diminishing aisvaryam like a well ploughed, fertile
field. You have the power to complete all the tasks that You undertake without interruption. You are the Mistress of all the chEtanms and enter into them and direct them. adiyEn prays to You, SrI Devi of limitless Vaibhavam, to stay near me to maintain my house filled with Vaidhika and laukika SrI.

manasa: kaamamaakUtim vaaca: satyamaSeemahi
paSUnaagum rUpamannasya mayi SrI: Srayataam yaSa: 10

Bequeath (srayataam ) To me (mayi) Desires in the mind (manasa-ha kaamam) Commitment (aa-kutim)
Truth of speech (satyam) Milk from cows (pashunaam rupam) Edible foods (annasya rupam)
May we get (ashim ahi) Wealth (Sri) success (yasha) fame (kirti)

Oh SrI Devi! May we be blessed with all the things sought by our mind and
imagination and those requested through our vaak (speech) such as cattle, food
and drinks through Your anugraham! May Sri Devi of such illustrious Vaibhavam
grant this servant of Hers all these wealth and a high level of fame!

kardamEna prajaa bhUtaa mayi sambhava kardama
Sriyam vaasaya mE kulE maataram padmamaalineem: 11

Who became with progenous (prajaa bhutaa) by son Kardam (Karda men) May dwell (sam bhav) In my abode (mayi) Kardam Son of Lakshmi (Kardam he) Lakshmi (Sriyam)  Bearing the garland of lotus flowers (padma maalinim) Make That mother (Maataram) reside in my dynasty (vaasaya me kule) \

Oh Kardama PrajApati! Is it not so that Mahaa Lakshmi was adopted by you, who has control over our indhriyams (sensory faculty)? May thou make it possible for Your daughter, Mahaa Lakshmi be full of compassion towards this worshipper of Hers! May the Mother of the Universe, Mahaa Lakshmi adorning the lotus garland reside permanently in our Kulam and never leave us!

aapa: srjantu snigdhaani cikleeta vasa mE gruhE
ni ca deveem maataram Sriyam vaasaya mE kulE || 12

O deity of water (aapa-ha)
Make available delicate substances (Sra-jantu snig-dhaani)
O Chiklit (rushi) reside in my abode (me gruhe vasa)
Your devine mother Sri (devim maataram Sriyam)
Make reside in my dynasty (mayi nivaasaya kule)

Oh Cikleetar guarding the inner chambers of the Lord! Ghee, Milk, Honey and

Oil should flow abundantly in adiyEn’s house since the Lord and His divine
Consort reside here. Oh Cikleeta! You should also reside in adiyEn’s house as its  
protector. May Thou protect very well the Mother of the Universe residing at
adiyEn’s house, who creates this universe as a sport and makes Herself available
to all readily!

ArdrAm pushkariNeem pushTim
pingaLAm padmamAlineem
candrAm hiraNmayeem lakshmeem
jaatavEdhO ma Avaha 13

Fragrant (aarddhram) Residing at the front like elephants trunk (push-karini) with lotus / lotus branch
Nourishing (pushtim) of yellow complexion (pingalaa) Adorned by garland of lotus flowers (padma maalinim)
O Agni (jaatved) bring gold form Lakshmi showering nectar, like Moon, for me (Chandraam hiranya mayim Lakshmim Jaatvedo ma aavaha)

aardraam ya:kariNeem yashTim
suvarNaam hemamaalineem
sooryaam hiraNmayeem lakshmeem
jaatavEdo ma aavaha 14

O Agni (jaatved), Fragrant like aardhraam (aardhraam)
Bearing staff of righteousness (yaha karini)
Of beautiful form adorned with golden garland (su-varnaa hem maalinim)
Lakshmi, luminous like the golden Sun bearing wealth (Suryaam hiranya mayi Lakshmi)
Call for me (May She with Your anugraham stay right next to us!)

taam ma aavaha jaatavedo
lakshmeem anapagaamineem
yasyaam hiraNyam prabhUtam gaavo
daasyoSvaan vindeyam purushaanaham: || 15

O Agni (jaatved), bring to me (taam ma aavaha)
In-destructible Lakshmi (Lakshmim an-pagaaminim)
So I may attain plenty of gold (yasyaam hiranyaam pra-bhutam)
Cows, servants, horses and progeny (gaavo daasyo asvaan videyam purushaana ham)

Oh Omnipotent Lord! Please bless us to have this Mahaa Lakshmi of the
greatest Vaibhavam next to us without any interruption! May adiyEn be blessed
to receive from Her abundant wealth of all kinds like Gold, cattle, equine transport (Vaahanams like horse) and male as well as female servants!

padmapriyE padmini padma hastE
padmAlayE padma daLAyatAkshi
viSvapriyE vishNUmanOnukUlE
tvat paada padmam mayi sannidhatsva 16

Hey Goddess Padmini,
Who likes lotus flowers,
Who holds lotus flower in her hand,
Who lives in lotus flower,
Who has broad eyes like the petal of lotus flower,
Who is the darling of the entire world,
Who is dearest to Lord Vishnu,
Please keep your holy feet on me.

Sriyai jaata Sriya aaniryaaya
Sriyam vayo janitrbhyo dadhaatu
Sriyam vasaanaa amrtatvamaayan
bhajanti sadya: samitaa mitadyUn (satyA savitA nrtadyUn) 17

adiyEn has been created to enjoy the wealth of service to Your Lord

(Bhagavath Kaimkarya sampath). Oh SrI Devi! May Thou bless adiyEn with my
true svaroopam that is hidden by the insentient part, which in turn will enable
me to practice the means for Moksham (Sva nija Sesha roopa AvirbhAva hEtu)!
May adiyEn be blessed with lasting wealth and extended life to practice the
MokshOpAyams successfully with Svroopa Jn~Anam. Oh SrI Devi! Those of us,
who live every moment with thoughts (chinthanai) about You will reach the
immortal state. At the end of our bodily existence, we will attain Sri Vaikuntam
and would be rid of hunger, thirst, sins, aging, death and sorrow, an unique state
shared with the Supreme Brahman, Your Lord (Parama Pada naathan). We would
be blessed to gain whatever we desire and are not stopped by anyone to engage
in nithya Kaimkaryam to You both and enjoy ParipoorNa BrahmAnandham at
Your Supreme abode.

Sriya yEvainam tat SriyAmAdadhAti
santatam rcaa vashaT krtyam sandhattam
sandheeyate prajayaa paSubhi:
ya yEvam veda 18

Those who perform upAsanA (meditation) with these Rg Veda Khila Mantrams
will enchant always the inseparable divine couple of Parama Padam (dhivya
Mithunam) and would be blessed with children, grandchildren, cows, horses and
undiminishing wealth and enjoy their lives here.
Om mahaadevyai ca vidmahe vishNupatnii ca dheemahi
tanno lakshmee: pracodayaat:
hari: Om

May we be blessed to perform the upAsana to gain the anugraham of Periya
PirAtti (Sri Devi)! May we meditate on the dharma Pathni of the Lord without
let! For success in our Saadhanaa, we pray to Her. She is the dharma Pathni of
the Lord assisting Him in the Yaagam of granting the four kinds of
PurushArthams as the Caturvida PurushArtha Yaaga Dheekshitan’s dhivya
Mahishi. May She fulfill our prayers by motivating us to meditate on Her!

Om Saanti: Saanti: Saanti:


Sri Suktam in Tamil
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Sri Suktham Rendered by Sri Mukkur LakshmiNarasimhachariyar

Nice Pictorial way of explanation for SriSuktam

ॐ हिरण्यवर्णां हरिणीं सुवर्णरजतस्रजाम् |
चन्द्रां हिरण्मयीं लक्ष्मीं जातवेदो म आवह ||१||

तां म आवह जातवेदो लक्ष्मीमनपगामिनीम् |
यस्यां हिरण्यं विन्देयं गामश्वं पुरुषानहम् ||२||

अश्वपूर्वां रथमध्यां हस्तिनादप्रबोधिनीम् |
श्रियं देवीमुपह्वये श्रीर्मादेवीर्जुषताम् ||३||

कां सोस्मितां हिरण्यप्राकारामार्द्रां ज्वलन्तीं तृप्तां तर्पयन्तीम् |
पद्मे स्थितां पद्मवर्णां तामिहोपह्वये श्रियम् ||४||

चन्द्रां प्रभासां यशसा ज्वलन्तीं श्रियं लोके देवजुष्टामुदाराम् |
तां पद्मिनीमीं शरणमहं प्रपद्येऽलक्ष्मीर्मे नश्यतां त्वां वृणे ||५||

आदित्यवर्णे तपसोऽधिजातो वनस्पतिस्तव वृक्षोऽथ बिल्वः |
तस्य फलानि तपसा नुदन्तु मायान्तरायाश्च बाह्या अलक्ष्मीः ||६||

उपैतु मां देवसखः कीर्तिश्च मणिना सह |
प्रादुर्भूतोऽस्मि राष्ट्रेऽस्मिन् कीर्तिमृद्धिं ददातु मे ||७||

क्षुत्पिपासामलां ज्येष्ठामलक्ष्मीं नाशयाम्यहम् |
अभूतिमसमृद्धिं च सर्वां निर्णुद मे गृहात् ||८||

गंधद्वारां दुराधर्षां नित्यपुष्टां करीषिणीम् |
ईश्वरीं सर्वभूतानां तामिहोपह्वये श्रियम् ||९||

मनसः काममाकूतिं वाचः सत्यमशीमहि |
पशूनां रूपमन्नस्य मयि श्रीः श्रयतां यशः ||१०||

कर्दमेन प्रजाभूता मयि सम्भव कर्दम |
श्रियं वासय मे कुले मातरं पद्ममालिनीम् ||११||

आपः सृजन्तु स्निग्धानि चिक्लीत वस मे गृहे |
नि च देवीं मातरं श्रियं वासय मे कुले ||१२||

आर्द्रां पुष्करिणीं पुष्टिं पिङ्गलां पद्ममालिनीम् |
चन्द्रां हिरण्मयीं लक्ष्मीं जातवेदो म आवह ||१३||

आर्द्रां यः करिणीं यष्टिं सुवर्णां हेममालिनीम् |
सूर्यां हिरण्मयीं लक्ष्मीं जातवेदो म आवह ||१४||

तां म आवह जातवेदो लक्ष्मीमनपगामिनीम् |
यस्यां हिरण्यं प्रभूतं गावो दास्योऽश्वान्विन्देयं पुरुषानहम् ||१५||


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