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Sep 4, 2010

Narasimhar Paintings

Lakshmi Nrushiman From MukkorSwamigal Book

Matha Nrushimha Pitha Nrushimha

Karunai pongum Thayar, Narasimhar


  1. hi very nice one , have u visit the 3 narasimar in srirangam.. its katazhagiya singar, mettazhagiya singar and atrazhagiya singar, one in forest ,one in upstairs and another river side.... if u have a chance do visit.
    in the same way a temple near thiruvallur,i went to that temple a year before,Athi narasimhar here lakshmi's sight on devotees.Usually in all narasimar temple lakshmi's sight will be on narasimar in the way of cooldowning his anger, but here different. As lakshmi seeing us,our prayers will be heared soon.its true my prayers to heared.

    Jai Narasima

  2. Thanks for the details. We will definitely try to visit, and get their blessings.

  3. Thanks, it's been pleasure to know and understand all about Shri Lakshmi Narasimhar, great compiling.

  4. please send me that old black and white narasimhar photo im searching for it or if u have a photo of it please call to my no 9036626631 please dont neglet it .....thnk you